NACWE Five-Year Anniversary Charter Members Series: Naomi Hartung

AIMG_1514 (2)bout six months before Diane launched NACWE in 2010, Naomi Hartung stumbled across one of Diane’s blog posts and connected with her online. “When she started NACWE, I just knew I had to be a part of it,” Naomi said. “Diane’s vision and process resonated with me, and I knew it was something that fit with my path.” Naomi needed a place to connect with other Christian women who wanted more for their businesses, and NACWE was that place.

Naomi is a Legacy Executive Director with Tupperware and has worked with the brand for nearly twenty years. According to Naomi, selling Tupperware is much more than—well, Tupperware. “Yes, I sell plastic bowls, but the largest and most rewarding part of my job is working with women to realize their dreams using the God-given talents in them,” Naomi said. She helps women on her sales team “find their hot buttons” and discover how their uniqueness can lead to growing a successful business. “I love helping women to become the best they can be!” Naomi said.

In the past five years, Naomi has experienced many highs and lows with her business, and she is thankful that NACWE was there through it all. “The single biggest influence has been in prayer,” Naomi said. “Knowing that there is this amazing group of women out there who are walking alongside me in this journey provides me with a sense of security, comfort, and courage.” She also appreciates the sense of camaraderie the women of NACWE have and how they work together through blessings and struggles. “I know that when I need it, it is just a Facebook post or email or phone call away, and I can find that person who knows just what I need in that moment from prayer to programs to support,” Naomi said.Cruise Jan 2013 Naomi 266

Naomi believes all female entrepreneurs need support, and she is no exception. The biggest struggle she sees women face involves balance. “Many get caught up in the desire to be superwoman and still do all the ‘womanly’ things our society says we have to—be there for our kids after school, take care of our homes, be a good wife, serve on committees, et cetera.” When women can find a way to balance both roles—entrepreneur and nurturer—balance becomes more attainable. Naomi says this comes through a clear vision of where they want their businesses to go and how that contributes to their families. When they figure that out, their busy schedules don’t seem so overwhelming. “Understanding that there will be give and take in all areas for a common end result allows them to ‘forgive themselves’ for doing the things they need to do to get their businesses growing,” Naomi said.

For anyone considering starting a new business or looking for direction in their current endeavors, Naomi has three simple tips:

  1. Find your passion. You can’t build a business around something you do not love!
  2. Make a plan. Spending time in planning and preparation saves headaches down the road.
  3. Stick with it. Everything may not fall into place exactly as planned. Stick with it. Sometimes things take longer or need revision. Don’t quit. Keep moving. Reflect and re-plan. Take action.IMG_1108

Being a female entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges, but Naomi sees the challenges as part of the excitement. She loves being able to use her God-given talents every single day. She also enjoys being her own boss and the flexibility that comes with entrepreneurship. The rewards of owning her own business definitely outweigh the struggles. “I have become more confident, a better speaker, have financial flexibility, and have had the privilege to impact so many other women in the past nineteen years,” Naomi said. “I often say this is my mission field.”

IMG_1570It’s a mission she’s taken to heart. “My faith allows me to have courage to keep going even on days when I just want to quit,” Naomi said. “I am so often reminded that He knows my plans and that He plans to prosper me.” That’s a reference to one of her favorite Bible verses, Jeremiah 29:11: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Naomi’s faith helps her connect with others, even those the world has cast aside. “My faith allows me to be open and love even the unlovable,” Naomi said. “I find security in knowing that God is my business partner and that together, we can do anything.”

Naomi has the highest recommendation for anyone thinking of joining NACWE. “If you are looking for a place to connect with Christian women who are also entrepreneurs, then this is the right place,” she said. “Not only for the love, prayer, and support, but for the myriad of resources available to you. I have found so many valuable resources through NACWE from a VA to a simple program to save me time to a datebook that I love!” NACWE is going places, and Naomi is happy to be along for the ride. She has high hopes for the future of NACWE and all its members. “I pray that others come to see the support available to them through this association”, she said, “and that we spread like wildfire through the lands!”


Written by Callie Revell

NACWE Five-Year Anniversary Charter Members Series: Rhoda Baty

image006After five years as an entrepreneur and small business owner, Rhoda Baty has had her fair share of trials and struggles. She can relate to other women in her same shoes. “There’s the struggle to stay profitable, the struggle of time if they also have another job, and the struggle to believe that they can do it,” Rhoda said. As a charter NACWE member, Rhoda has benefited from many of its training programs and challenges. The most recent program, Diane’s Five-Day “Be Brave Today” Challenge in February, made a big impact on Rhoda. “‘Be Brave’ has helped me get out of my ‘comfort zone’ mentality and take some risks,” Rhoda said. “My theme for myself this year is ‘Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable’, and as an introvert, that is risky! But I’m doing pretty good so far!”

Rhoda’s business, Hopeful Heart Coaching, allows her to serve as a life coach to women from all walks of life. “The women who seek me out need ‘hope,’” Rhoda said. “They need to know that their lives still count, that there is nothing they can do to make God love them more and nothing they can do to make Him love them less. He loves them—period. I help them see that. I help them enjoy God’s Word.”image008

When Diane founded NACWE in 2010, Rhoda knew she wanted to be one of the first members. “I joined right away because Diane had been an instructor in my coach training in 2008,” Rhoda remembered. “Her inspiration and ‘act fast now’ attitude was—and is—infectious. I wanted to be a part of that!” Since then, NACWE has served as a platform for Rhoda to improve her professional skills, gain prayer and support, and network with helpful colleagues who, over time, have also become great friends. “NACWE provides a place for me to ask questions, get training, and vent, only to find out I’m not the only one experiencing the setback or the unknown or who doesn’t know how to do something,” Rhoda said.

Rhoda loves the freedom and opportunities that come with being an entrepreneur. “With God’s help, I can decide what I want my business to look like,” Rhoda said. “I can create classes that others say they need or want, and most of all, I can do what God has called me to do, and that is ‘encourage’!”

To Rhoda, the “Christian” in “National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs” is the most critical part. Without her faith in God, she doubts she would still be in business after all these years. “Faith is the only reason I am still doing this,” Rhoda said, citing 1 Corinthians 9:24 as her inspiration:  “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” “I know what God has called me to do,” Rhoda said, “and I want to run the race to win so that at the end of my life I hear, ‘Well done!’” Rhoda uses scripture as she runs her business, and she is involved in email devotional groups, book studies, and classes.

image015One verse that stands out to her is 1 Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another…” Her involvement with NACWE pushes her to apply this verse to her everyday life and bless others. “This is what NACWE does for me,” Rhoda said. “When I am encouraged, then a river of encouragement flows out of me.”

Rhoda has several pieces of advice for those considering starting a business. “It takes longer than you think, so don’t get discouraged,” she said. “Small steps are better than no steps or big steps you can’t keep up with.” She also believes planning ahead and making goals is important. “Know and believe in what you are doing, what end result are you wanting,” Rhoda said. Finally, she encourages others to find an organization like NACWE to help them keep on track and follow their dreams.

As for someone considering joining NACWE? “Do it now!” Rhoda exclaimed. Her decision to join NACWE five years ago changed her life. She only hopes to see even more growth when NACWE reaches its ten-year anniversary in 2020—among other things. “It would be nice if they moved closer to Washington state—ha ha—purely selfish!” she laughed. “Really, I just want NACWE to keep going and growing.”




Written by Callie Revell

NACWE Five-Year Anniversary Charter Members Series: Georgeanne Wimberley

_DSC6999KFeeling “stuck” is not a foreign concept to Georgeanne Wimberley. Before becoming a female entrepreneur, she was very familiar with the daily grind of a corporate environment in her job as an HR Manager at a Fortune 500 company. “I drove 50 miles to a job that I loved but wasn’t my passion,” Georgeanne said. “The time on the road to and from work made it very difficult to give time to my family.” These days, Georgeanne owns her own dog training business, and her life has turned around significantly. “Now that I have my own business, I’m able to work at home, spend time with my family, and live my passion: dogs and helping them become valuable members of their families.”

Georgeanne’s business, RW Canine Retreat, boards and conducts in-kennel training for dogs and clients. “Our facility is like no other in the Texoma area,” Georgeanne said. “Our business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last five years!” Her once part-time hobby of training dogs has now become her full-time job. However, quitting her dependable corporate job and taking the leap into entrepreneurship required some support. ”I was able to resign that position in January 2012 with the coaching and support of Diane,” Georgeanne remembered. “I began marketing and implementing the vision I had for the business. I was praying for three to five trainees per month to begin, and to my amazement, I have never had fewer than eight trainees since I began.”

Since then, Georgeanne’s facilities in Henrietta, Texas have grown and thrived. Just last year, she expanded to a new 16-kennel facility that includes a kitchen, reception area, and large training room. They have been enjoying the new facilities since August of 2014, and they are already making plans to expand again to accommodate new customers. “Our training waiting list is now into June, and we’ve increased our prices twice,” Georgeanne said.2014-04-24 15.20.09

Georgeanne is grateful for the opportunity to support herself doing something she loves in an environment that allows her to express her faith. “My relationship with God and prayer is how I make decisions in my business,” Georgeanne said. “My faith shines through in my business through the care that I give my ‘fur baby’ clients and their owners. It’s nice to be able to talk about God in my job, whether it’s with my employees or my clients—you have to be careful discussing your beliefs in a corporate environment,” she added.

Georgeanne joined NACWE as a charter member in 2010. “At the time, Diane was my executive business coach,” Georgeanne remembered. “When she told me she was starting NACWE, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to join, especially as a charter member! I knew the vision she had for this association was something special, and wanted to be a part of it!” From the first annual NACWE conference, Georgeanne knew she had made the right decision to join. She felt confident in Diane’s leadership abilities and connected with the “awesome sisterhood” that now surrounded her. “NACWE has been a safe place to connect with wonderful sisters who believe in the same God I do,” Georgeanne said. “Additionally, the one-on-one coaching with Diane, trainings, and valuable toolkits has taken my business to another level! Learning to use social media as a marketing tool has been invaluable.” Over the years, she has hired several NACWE members to help her with graphic design projects, building her website, and designing her logo.

14Tori and GeorgeanneBeing an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and Georgeanne knows that just as much as anyone. “The main struggle I faced was a lack of confidence that I could truly be a successful business owner,” Georgeanne said. “The possibility of failure is always at the back of your mind.” Her tips for a new entrepreneur include getting a business coach, understanding how to use social media for marketing, and joining an association or having some sort of support group.

That last point rings especially true for Georgeanne. “Joining NACWE is one of the best things I have done for myself!” she said. “I continue to be a member because I know if ever I need support, assistance, or just to bounce an idea off of someone, our members are there! Although my business takes up much of my time, I still go online and watch videos from Diane to learn new tools.”

She looks forward to seeing what is in store for NACWE in the future. “My only hope is that NACWE keeps putting God first,” Georgeanne said. “NACWE has grown leaps and bounds because of this!” Georgeanne’s favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, supports the values she holds for NACWE and for her own business: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

G.Wimberley_charter_setup (1)

written by Callie Revell