Ask Diane: Should I work on my business on weekends?

Should I work on my business on weekends?

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you are the CEO, the boss. You can set your own hours, work when you want and when you don't want to work. You can work 70 hours a week, or seven. Everyone today is busy, but you can be busy, and not doing the right things to be productive.

We need to plan our day, our week, our life. There's the dog to walk, laundry, errands to run, the taxes to file. We can bee-bop here and there, and never work...or we can work ourselves to death, and all for what?

It's your call about the weekends. Sometimes I have a big list of to-do's and I work for hours, loving my work. Other times, I take a break. I enjoy coffee on my porch, go eat nacho's (or carrots), shop at Target, or ride on a motorcycle!

Be aware of your sleep needs, the food you're eating, the weather, your body's stress signals. These things affect us as entrepreneurs. It's your business. Give yourself permission to succeed...or to be kind to yourself and sleep, eat chocolate, and go to a movie.

If you want to work on some projects on weekends, do it. Or if you need some R & R to refill to do what God's called you to do, then listen to your body. Whatever you do, though, love it and enjoy it!

Ask Diane: Is a goal and a dream the same thing?

Ask Diane
Is a goal and a dream the same thing?

A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than a dream; it's a dream being acted upon. A goal is not hazy; it is clear. Nothing happens and no forward steps are taken until a goal is established. Without goals, we just wander through life.

It is very challenging and almost impossible to get somewhere in life without a map. Most people wouldn't consider trying this, and yet we try to reach a dream without a map, plan, or written down goals.

God asks us to take the dream and "press on to make it my own." When it is not our own, we have no reason to be passionate. I am not passionate about your dream. I can listen, be a part of your team, and enjoy the journey, but it will never be my dream.

God has a plan for me and for you with our dreams and our goals that is written in His book. He even has each of our names engraved on the palm of His hand: "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; and your walls are ever before me." (Isaiah 49:16)

When we put our trust in Him, we find that our energy increases. When we commit to a desired goal and resolve to work towards that goal, things that are supernatural begin to fall into place.

Use goals sheets to get specific about your life goals, your yearly goals, and your monthly goals. Join or create a goals group or a mastermind group. Write everything down on paper and put a date (deadline) on it. Read books on goals setting.

Ask Diane: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Ask Diane
What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts. 

Examples include rewards sites, where users are rewarded with cash or gifts, for the completion of an offer, and the referral of others to the site. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand'), the network, the publisher (also
known as 'the affiliate'), and the customer.

The market has grown in complexity to warrant a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third parties vendors.

There is amazing benefit to offering an affiliate program. It creates a built in referral process and a way to offer a gift of compensation to your referral partner. It is a win-win. We tell our clients about programs, books, trainings, events, etc. all the time.  This is a way to get paid for what you would be doing anyway.

How can you use the affiliate concept in your business?

Ask Diane: What is Strategic Planning?

What Is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning is a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives, and a sequence of steps to achieve them. Strategic planning helps us to look at the wider picture and prepare in advance.

The challenges comes as we get busy with more clients and customers. As we get busier with our business, we lose sight of the long-term strategic goals. We're so busy building the business and working in all of the roles, that we can lose sight of the bigger picture. We can easily get lost in the current day or week, and forget to look out farther on the calendar.

You might take action now, to block off time each week on your calendar that is called strategic planning. This way you will know that it will get done and you will not be scrambling around at the last minute to get the supplies you need.

Ask Diane: How important are your thoughts to your business?

How important are your thoughts to your business?

Capacity is a state of mind. How much we can do depends on how much we think we can do. According to the self-fulfilling prophecy: you are what you think you are.

If you believe that you can achieve your dreams, you can and you will. If you believe that you are lazy, too busy, a failure, and many other horrible things that we say to ourselves sometimes, those will come true, too.

What kind of thoughts are you thinking today? Change your thoughts, change your life!