NACWE and ICMN Join Together

The National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs and the International Christian Mompreneur Network are pleased to announce that the two organizations are joining together to create a larger, stronger, more vibrant community! Karen Lindwall-Bourg and Theresa Ceniccola, leaders of the two groups, are thrilled to collaborate on this merger designed to help more women of faith to connect, share, grow and serve. Effective June 1, 2019, the two organizations will operate as one—under the umbrella of the (INTER – yes we have members and followers from all over the world!) National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

Karen Lindwall-Bourg
Theresa Ceniccola

What Do I Need to Do?

If you’re a current member of the NACWE community, you don’t need to take action. But keep an eye out for some new faces and please welcome the mom entrepreneurs from ICMN into your circle.

If you’re a current member of ICMN, you may want to connect with some of the NACWE members in the Facebook Group here.  Keep an eye out for emails and Facebook messages about how you can get involved in NACWE activities and programs.

Please be patient with us and with yourself as we transition. Our goal is to serve and empower all Christian Women Entrepreneurs (Mompreneurs, Nanapreneurs too!) with community, networking, education, and missions opportunities for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

ICMN and NACWE are joining together to create the largest online community dedicated to serving Christian women entrepreneurs. Together we can provide more connection, better training and expanded support to the women in our groups.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20

Our voice in the marketplace is stronger and more powerful, giving us a larger platform to show others how God is working through us and our businesses for His glory.

ICMN and NACWE are both on a mission to support, educate/equip and connect Christian women in business. ICMN focuses specifically on mom entrepreneurs, while NACWE serves all Christian women entrepreneurs. Both organizations began in 2010 and have followed similar paths – leading us together.

Karen will remain President of NACWE. The rest of the NACWE leadership team will also remain in place. AND so will most of the faces/leadership you’ve worked with in ICMN! Thanks y’all!

Theresa, founder of ICMN, will be available in the Facebook group to provide guidance and support, but will step back from coaching, teaching and mentoring through ICMN/NACWE so she can dedicate energy to her business partnership at Red Orange Studio and to her family. Other members of the ICMN team will serve in leadership roles within NACWE, using their unique gifts to support the community.

The new joint organization will continue to use the NACWE name and brand, as a larger organization serving all Christian women entrepreneurs. You’ll notice some new resources and services geared toward moms.

The ICMN group will become a part of the larger NACWE community! You will start to see Karen and the NACWE team engaging in the Facebook group. You may start to receive emails from NACWE (look for emails from info@nacwe.org soon) to keep you updated on their activities. If you purchased a course through ICMN, you will continue to have access to that course when it is offered through NACWE.

Don’t worry, we’ve transferred everything over for you! All ICMN education content is available in our Online Member Vault. Access the ICMN Classroom here.