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Ali Dent

Author/Operational Director The Rhema Group, LLC
Home TX Anniversary: October 13, 1990 Membership: December 1, 2016 Website: Ali Dent


HELLO… I’m the author of 12 books – the last six were dedicated to devotional journaling using an adult coloring book template. That was oh so rewarding! I started my writing career while I was a classical literature teacher. After 25 years I retired and became an empty nester simultaneously. Transitioning from one to the other was a slow process. Creating inspirational adult coloring books ministered to me during this transition period where I explored what I wanted to do next?

I decided it’s time to dive into the deep end and follow my dream – fiction writing.

I’m a southern girl from Georgia. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t planning scenes from whatever was going on around me. As a small child, I made storybooks by cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them on construction paper. Not much has changed except my tools have become more sophisticated (most of the time☺)

All I’ve ever wanted to do beyond loving my family was to tell stories that would encourage and entertain. I can’t imagine a day without a story idea worming its way into my consciousness compelling me to breathe life into it.

I long to enjoy peace with God, remembering there is nothing I can do to make him love me more or less.

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