Time is a precious gift! Use it wisely by being organized and productive.

Do you find yourself sitting in your home office staring at your computer screen, unable to concentrate because the laundry needs folding and you haven’t started dinner yet? Are you a professional procrastinator? Does your office look like an F-5 tornado just swept through it? Does your version of filing involve the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? If so, this classroom can help you get your business back on track!

In the Time, Productivity, & Organization Classroom, you’ll learn skills like:

  • Creating productive to-do lists.
  • Managing your time efficiently.
  • “Work smarter, not harder.”
  • Setting (and achieving) realistic goals.



  • Alex’s Tips for Organizing Your Week; Let’s Organize!

    By Karen Lindwall-Bourg | This is how my coach, Alex, gets organized! I hope some of these tips will help you as they have helped me!
    He uses a program called Workflowy. Of course, it doesn’t matter what you use as long as it works for you! The critical point is, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” (Benjamin Franklin) … [Read More]

  • How and Why to Use a Swipe File

    By Theresa Ceniccola | If imitation is a form a flattery, then there are plenty of people I’ve flattered since I started blogging more than five years ago. Like most people, I created my first website and launched a blog with no real training or experience … [Read More]

  • The One Thing That’s Wrong with Your To-Do List

    By Theresa Ceniccola | I flopped into bed, exhausted and emotionally wiped out. It had been another one of those days that seemed to go in a wildly different direction than what I had planned. A late school bus threw us off schedule, and everything else followed … [Read More]

  • Lazy vs. Busy

    By Shannon Spencer | This morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. and helped my two kids fix breakfast, lunch, and, for one, an after-school snack. Then, I drove them to their separate schools and returned home at 8:15 a.m. to start my own daily routine… [Read More]

  • How to Improve Practically Anything in Five Minutes a Day

    By Theresa Ceniccola | Looking for a magic pill? The secret sauce? The quick fix to your greatest challenge? You won’t find that here. But I do want to offer a powerful suggestion on how you can make positive changes in any area of your life in as little as five minutes a day. This is a strategy I’ve used… [Read More]

  • Procrastination: Three Tips to Help you Move Past It

    By Robin Hardy | So you sit down and start to work.  You have to write your newsletter.  You’ve got to write two promotional e-mails.  You need re-work your calendar for the week.  You have a few clients to reach out to and some follow up with current clients… [Read More]

  • Finish What You Start!

    By Kate Powers | As entrepreneurs, we often bite off more than we can chew. We have big dreams, goals, and visions. Our excitement is contagious and we often share our ideas before we’ve fully brewed the plan to make them a reality. Be it inexperience or hopeful thinking that lets us believe… [Read More]

  • Is Your Business Wearing a Pair of Sweatpants?

    By Alison Gillaspie | Today I came home from Bible study and, knowing I didn’t have anywhere to go the rest of the night, I went upstairs and put on a pair of sweat pants. When I had my pants on, I let out a huge sigh because of the comfort I knew I was going to experience throughout the rest of my day… [Read More]

  • Banish Your Time Wasters to Save Two Hours a Week

    By Deborah White | Are you one of those people who just can’t get a handle on their time? I was like that until God changed my mind about it. The shift happened when I joined a Lose it for Life group and I carried that same thought process over to how I spent my time… [Read More]