You can’t do this alone.

Who do you have in your life who supports you or helps you succeed? This is your team. Your team could include paid employees, volunteers, or even your friends and family. It can also include your professional acquaintances, business partners, and, of course, your NACWE sisters! Creating a successful team is crucial to your success, and one thing is certain: you can’t do this alone!

In the Team Building Classroom, you will learn:

  • Why you need a professional community.
  • How to rid yourself of toxic relationships.
  • Steps to take to hire the best possible candidates.
  • How to handle conflict in your team.
  • You need a strong and stable team to support you. Find your support network!



    • The 7 Types of People Successful Kingdom Entrepreneurs Avoid

      By Sabine Brandt | Did you know that cucumbers thrive when planted near bush beans but choke when planted near potatoes? Did you also know that carrots and strawberries make good neighbors but don’t get along with onions? This knowledge base is referred to as “companion planting”… [Read More]

    • The When, What, and How of Making Your First Hire

      By Theresa Ceniccola | I love the thrill of starting something new! Hanging out a shingle and embracing the adventure of opening a new business. It’s just like bungee jumping—exciting and overwhelmingly terrifying at the same time! I was only 25 years old when I made that decision … [Read More]

    • 7 Tips for Partnering with Success

      By Rachel Barrett-Dolcine | I spent most of my professional career in the non-profit sector. Most of my jobs included quite a bit of partnership development. All of the skills and knowledge I acquired during my time working in non-profits have proven to be quite useful as I build and grow my business… [Read More]

    • I Need Community

      By Joyce Glass | A community is a group of people working together for a common goal. All of us are involved in different communities each day. You have community where you work. If you work for yourself… [Read More]

    • Isolation is the Enemy of Wealth

      By Robin Hardy | During one of the last training sessions I did with a client she asked me a great question:  Robin, what do you think has caused the most difference in your business? Three Things:  Hiring a coach, joining a community (NACWE) and avoiding isolation. For years, I wondered why people raved about… [Read More]

    • Are Your Friends Keeping You from a Successful Business?

      By Kate Powers | Tonight I gave a talk about the invisible roadblocks that keep people stuck and prevent them from achieving their dreams, goals and success. One of the roadblocks I discussed hit home for many. It’s like your parents always said, who you hang around with will get you in trouble! … [Read More]

    • Seven Steps to Handling Conflict in Business

      By Theresa Ceniccola | Some days it seems I’m playing referee at home and in the office. One minute I’m making a ruling on whose turn it is to sweep the kitchen floor and the next minute I’m mediating an emotional discussion between a vendor and a client. Just like my home life, the business world is sprinkled with conflict… [Read More]