We want you to make a profit!

Here at NACWE, we don’t believe money is the root of all evil. In fact, without money, we would never be able to do what we love and follow our dreams! However, money can be the source of endless stress and conflict if not handled correctly. In this classroom, members of NACWE share their personal experiences with money and their expert tips to stay out of the red.

In the Money Classroom, you’ll learn:

  • The true value of your time and how to stop working for free.
  • How to find your billable rate.
  • Techniques to track your business success.
  • Tips to productively handle your finances.

Financial success means freedom to pursue your passions.



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    By Alyssa Avant | The other day my children were pilfering through a draw of my stuff. The top chest drawer typically holds undergarments, but I also often have put items there that are “keepsakes,” hoping my kids won’t get into them. This particular day… [Read More]

  • Money Cometh

    By Joyce Harrell | Knowing I wanted this article to take a hard look at our concept of money, I started out with the picture for this article first before I wrote it. What is it exactly about money that makes many of us uncomfortable? … [Read More]

  • Is FREE Good?

    By Doreen Penner | FREE is always good, isn’t it? Sure, we all like getting things for free. It’s fun to find great deals and bargains. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can get everything from free BBQ’s,to concerts, to E-books… [Read More]