Get those creative juices flowing!

It’s important to have an outlet to help foster your own creativity. What do you like to do to be creative? Paint? Journal? Decorate? Whatever it is that gets you inspired, keeping your creative mind sharp will make finding creative business solutions that much easier. In this classroom, you’ll find ways to take time for yourself to foster creativity and then tips to use that creativity to revitalize your business.

In the Creativity Classroom, you will learn:

  • How to inspire yourself and others.
  • The importance of taking time to embrace creative moments.
  • Ways to find creative business solutions by thinking outside of the box.
  • Examples of creative collaboration.

Harness the power of your original thoughts and ideas.



  • The Art of Your Business

    By Diane Cunningham | Let’s just get real. My business is messy. It does not fit into a 10-step checklist or 5-week process. I used to think this was wrong and I had somehow missed the class or webinar that had all of the answers… [Read More]

  • Inspired Moments

    By Kate Powers | Ever notice great ideas arrive at the most inopportune times – while in the shower, while out for a walk or in the checkout line. We receive these nuggets of inspiration at the most inopportune times. Without pen or paper… [Read More]

  • Refresh Your Entrepreneurial Soul with Creativity

    By Cheryl Cope | If you are like the average entrepreneur, then you most likely have gotten into the habit of relying heavily upon your left brain to run your business and live your life. (An exception would be if your business is artsy or creative, of course.) So many of the day-to-day details… [Read More]