What kind of company do you want?

Creating your own company means developing your own path and procedures, but it also involves fostering an environment that encourages values that are important to you. Do you want your employees to collaborate or would you rather them work independently? Do you dream of a brick-and-mortar office to call your own or do you prefer a company that operates worldwide online? How do you want to interact with your customers? Are certain qualities more important to you than others? This classroom can help you sort through your thoughts and help you establish or revitalize your company and foster a culture that supports what you stand for.

In the Company Culture Classroom, you will learn things like:

  • Treating customers with respect.
  • Looking at your company’s culture objectively.
  • Deciding which values you will uphold in your business.
  • Creating a meaningful and practical mission statement.

Build a culture of excellence within your business.



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