Attitude is everything.

It takes a special kind of woman to be an entrepreneur. It requires unwavering optimism, faith, and determination. It will take all your strength to keep your business alive, but you won’t do it alone. Your NACWE sisters are here for support. If you need encouragement or you’re just feeling “stuck,” this classroom is the place for you.

In the Business Mindset Classroom, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to handle criticism and failure.
  • Ways to combat perfectionism.
  • Strategies to live life passionately and fearlessly.
  • How to follow your intuition and trust your instincts.

Learn how to think like an entrepreneur!



  • The Two "F" Words: Fear and Faith

    By Rachel Barrett-Dolcine | I have a confession to make. Ready? I struggle with faith! Yes, I know…I know…you’re surprised! Last year, I presented a workshop… [Read More]

  • Dance Naked: Views on Passion

    By MelAnn Morales | I had a friend give me a heads up to an article from October over at Yellow Hammer. She knew I admire Mike Rowe and wanted to know my thoughts about his views on passion. I will admit, when I first… [Read More]

  • Are You Ready to Go Pro in Your Business?

    By Joyce Glass | What do you need to learn? This year I ventured into a new business. As I delved into my new business, I realized I had much to learn. Each day, I am learning about our product line and how to run a successful business from home… [Read More]

  • The Gift of Being Present

    By Shannon Spencer | I used to love the Holidays! I remember when my husband and I first got married, we shopped very carefully and specifically for the decorations we put in our home. I even remember feeling a little sad that our tree was decorated with store-bought ornaments instead of the handmade treasures that hung on my family tree… [Read More]

  • Who’s in Charge Here?

    By MelAnn Morales | Joshua 24:15 tells us to “choose today whom we will serve.” I choose to also adopt that as “choose today whom I will love.” I use them interchangeably. I watched my dad do it daily in his marriage, in his work, in his relationship… [Read More]

  • Do You Struggle with Perfectionism?

    By Elayna Fernandez-Bare | In today’s society, perfectionism seems widely accepted. After all, what’s wrong with high expectations? I get that. I believe in setting standards for your life and developing a self-awareness… [Read More]

  • Does God Expect Perfection?

    By Joyce Glass | God loves you when you hurt someone else. God loves you when you disobey Him. God loves you when you judge others. God loves you when your business fails. God loves you when you let a friend down… [Read More]

  • Extreme Clarity

    By MelAnn Morales | I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for three years. I don’t have much to show for it except an external hard drive (actually three, and I need a fourth one!) full of all kinds of awesome… [Read More]

  • 10 Simple Ways to Use Your Expert Knowledge

    By Diane Cunningham | Yes. You are an expert, and you need to recognize that. We get caught up in looking at the areas we need to improve and don’t see what is right in front of us. This is the “grass is always greener” concept… [Read More]

  • Focus on Your Journey

    By Joyce Glass | I am an entrepreneur at heart. My journey as a writer and speaker started four years ago. However, this is the year I feel I am finally taking off. The past four years have been my boot camp… [Read More]

  • A Gift for the New Woman Entrepreneur

    By Theresa Ceniccola | If I could give a gift to the woman who is launching her first business, to the woman who is writing that first blog post, to the woman who is ready to make a change in her life and career… [Read More]

  • The Naked Entrepreneur

    By Karen Lindwall-Bourg | In the movie Dances with Wolves, Lt. John Dunbar arrives at his post on the American frontier ready to work diligently, only to find it abandoned with no explanation. He sets up camp and encounters… [Read More]

  • Staying Grounded in the Storm

    By Rachel Barrett-Dolcine | When I was a little girl, I loved and hated storms—especially thunderstorms. I dreaded the strong howling winds, heavy rains, pounding of water against the windows, and flashes of lightning scampering across the sky… [Read More]

  • Empowered by Imperfection

    By MelAnn Morales | One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned came to me when I was in the 5th grade. My teacher encouraged me to enter a poster into a competition. I carefully drew each image. I chose just the right colors. It was perfect. I then dropped an uncapped marker… [Read More]

  • Are You Walking Your Talk?

    By Doreen Penner | Simply observing people can be quite revealing.  You have probably formed an opinion on a person, based on what you saw.  Likewise, you never know when someone might be zeroing in on… [Read More]

  • Listen to Your Intuition…Please

    By Doreen Penner | Your intuition is the best business building tool you have; please use it. Your intuition is that gut feeling; or those little nudges or inklings you sense within you.  Listen to it, it is telling you something.  Ignoring those inklings can be a BIG mistake… [Read More]

  • Staying Committed to Your Business

    By Doreen Penner | Imagine a fish swimming in the wrong direction navigating itself upstream. Entrepreneurs feel that way sometimes too. You struggle through the barrage of business building challenges: the naysayers, the obstacles; and the mindsets and fears. It’s enough to be… [Read More]

  • The Good Thing About Criticism

    By Theresa Ceniccola | The dangerous thing about a smart phone is that people can hurt you when you least expect it. It was a Saturday morning and I had settled in the bleachers with my coffee to watch my daughter’s volleyball game. While the girls were warming up… [Read More]

  • Defining Fear

    By Robin Hardy | I find myself in conversations around fear a lot lately.   Fear occurs so often as an entrepreneur.  If you let it, fear will take you out of the game.  Fear comes in many forms… [Read More]

  • Living a Life of Joy

    By Debbie DiVirgillio | The God who gives us dreams, makes them come true. What is the secret to living a life of joy?  Living a life of joy does not mean, as some think, that your life is perfect, that you have no problems or concerns… [Read More]

  • Don’t Give Up!

    By Cynthia Turner | Girlie, don’t you dare even say it! I have heard the words slip from your mouth a few times when you are stressed. Don’t you ever give up! … [Read More]

  • Get Clarity, Get Clients

    By Doreen Penner | No business can succeed without clarity in five basic areas. Clarity in these areas will help you get to the true heart of who you are, so that you can confidently and boldly step out to do the work you have been called to do. Clarity will help you find the words… [Read More]

  • Courage to Follow Your Dreams

    By Doreen Penner | Heart-centered people like you and me want to make a difference in the world by doing what we are called to do. It’s not “about the shoes”. It’s about using our gifts, shining our brilliance and impacting our world. We are here to help people because they matter to us… [Read More]

  • Chorus of Critics: Who are You Listening To?

    By Kate Powers | As entrepreneurs, we go against the norm. We step outside the box of traditional 9-5 paycheck jobs. We are driven by an inner force that often makes little sense. We make choices that others don’t understand. It is important to guard yourself against the negative words and attitudes of others… [Read More]

  • Resistance in Your Business

    By Beth Jones | My mouth is dry as the Sahara desert, and I feel perspiration beads dripping from my armpits, down my side, leaving half-ring, dark stains on my new blouse that everyone can see when I lift my hands or arms even a little (oh, WHY, did I buy a light-colored blouse for this event?!). The mere handful of women… [Read More]

  • It’s Time to Think Fresh!

    By Laurie Knight | Ladies, It’s time to think FRESH! For many of us, this term has a positive connotation, despite the fact that it can also remind us of some choices we’ve made that led us to believe we even needed a fresh start. We may question… [Read More]

  • Are You Ready to Receive in Your Business?

    By Kate Powers | “Kate, what are you talking about? Of course I am ready to receive!” Let me challenge you on this a bit. Does receiving a large sum of money make you uncomfortable? Do you feel “icky” asking for payment from customers? Do you feel a tinge of guilt getting paid for simply doing what you love to do?… [Read More]

  • How to Avoid the Green-Eyed Monster in Business

    By Joyce Harrell | You work hard on your business. Competition is expected. So what are you dealing with as feelings of jealousy or envy arise when a competitor or friend is excelling in business and you aren’t? Are there explanations… [Read More]

  • Don’t Let Defeat Define You

    By Alison Gillaspie | I left the grocery store with my shoulders slumped. I had prepped for the trip by planning meals, clipping coupons, price matching and making an impeccable list. I knew exactly which stores I was going to and had it planned down to the minute detail. At the first store… [Read More]

  • Success Comes with Struggles

    By Kate Powers | Success comes with struggles – new struggles, unknown struggles, struggles with which you have no prior experience. Through those struggles are opportunities to grow in faith, love and trust, to come to know yourself fully, and to embrace who you are… [Read More]

  • Entrepreneurial Success: It’s All in Your Mindset

    By Dr. Debra Brooks | So much of what we do in life is influenced by our emotions, how we think, and what we say to ourselves. This includes our desire to be a successful entrepreneur. While the first step to become an entrepreneur is locating a profitable business idea… [Read More]