We want you to be a bestseller.

Have you dreamed of writing a book but written it off as an impossible dream? Books are excellent opportunities to market yourself and connect with other professionals in your field. They also give you much more credibility. And the best part? It’s not as hard to write one as you think it is. With the help of your NACWE sisters, you can learn step-by-step tools and ideas to lead you through the writing, publishing, and marketing process. You’ll be adding “author” to your business cards before you know it!

In the Books Classroom, you’ll learn:

  • The ins and outs of the self-publishing process.
  • How to write a book that brings you more business.
  • Tips to boost your book sales.
  • How Kindles and other e-readers can help you get your book to the masses.

Publishing your knowledge will give you credibility and extend your reach.



  • Can You Really Write a Book in One Weekend?

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