Athena Dean Holtz: Always Faithful: A Story of Redemption




About Athena


I’m a speaker, author, blogger, radio show host, publisher and pastor’s wife and I help women who’ve been wounded by the church or other traumatic life experiences, so they can learn to trust God again. I am extremely active in the Christian publishing space, having been the pioneer in the independent publishing movement starting back 30 years ago, and now acting as founder/publisher of Redemption Press and president of Northwest Christian Writers here in the Seattle area.

While I didn’t hear the gospel until I was 33 years old, God was calling me from an early age. I tried lots of avenues looking for Him, even though I had no idea what I was searching for. I’d never been to Vacation Bible School or heard Bible stories growing up. I was just trying to fill that empty hole inside my heart that was desperately longing for the love of Jesus. What I did, however, was accept every counterfeit that came along. Boys, drugs, alcohol, success, even the New Age and the cult of Scientology.

Childhood sexual abuse, abortion, domestic violence, workaholism, divorce.

Before Jesus, my life was a train wreck of relationships that were used to my best advantage, to get what I needed and wanted. The wounding in my life propelled me into an existence of being success-driven at all costs, numbing the pain by working hard, making lots of money, and receiving accolades from my peers.


Athena Dean Holtz

Karen Lindwall-Bourg: Firm Foundations for Business Planning and Strategy




About Karen

karenthumbnailKaren Lindwall-Bourg is the passionate Founder of and Counseling Supervisor at RHEMA Counseling Associates in North Texas.  She and her team of zealous Associates desire to be voices of wisdom and compassionate companions for their counseling, coaching and consultation clients on their journey to insight and inspiration.  She has been a Diane “groupie” and a NACWE member since 2013. Counseling - and Coaching -  and Writing/Publishing –

Karen Lindwall-Bourg

Sang T. Duong: Marketing vs. Sales




About Sang



sangpicSang Thi Duong is a Communication Strategist for mostly women who get writer’s block at the thought of writing most things launch based (and getting paid).

Through her fill-in-the-blank templates, sharp communication strategies, cut to the chase methods and click clacking heels, she’s here to show you how you can have a converting communication strategy that gets you paid with simplicity and ease. Sang wants you to use the power of your voice to create financial abundance, and share your brilliance with the world. She’s here make things simpler for you and your team.

When she is not writing or strategizing while sitting by the pool, you can find her with a book or magazine in hand, her Paris journal of the month and probably a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha with extra caramel drizzle made by her fave baristas!

Meet Sang Thi Duong and get ready to be get super clear on your communication strategy for your company at!


Snowe Saxman: Money, Mindset, and Monetization



 Snowe Saxman | Success, Wealth and Women's Expert | Money, Mindset and Monetization TeleSeminar

About Snowe


snoweprofileSnowe Saxman is a Success, Wealth & Women’s Expert.

She is married to love of her life, Paul. They have 7 children and 2 grandchildren. Yes, Snowe is  a Glamma . . . Someone way too young and gorgeous to be called Grandma!
She was a millionaire at age 25 and living on food stamps and bankrupt by age 35. Now, she is earning multiple six figures on her way to millions again. With God’s help, she has  been able to channel a painful past into a purposeful future and rebuild her global empire by teaching women God-Inspired success, financial & business strategies.


Misty Doyle: Simple Photography Tips for Business Building



misty1About Misty

I am truly blessed and so thankful that I’m able to do something I absolutely love for a living. My passion is using my camera to capture priceless memories that can last forever. Whether it be your children playing and laughing together or the High School Senior that is so proud of the adult they are becoming, I want personalities to show through my lens! My background includes a 8-year love affair with photography, plus studies in design and also in business. I make it a priority to attend photography workshops, seminars, and events often to allow me to constantly improve my skills as well as offer new products for my business.

I am also co-founder (sounds so official!) of Scrapbook ‘N Such – our family’s business. My mother and I opened the store in 2001, and I worked full-time helping run the store until 2008 when my photography business would no longer allow me to have any other job.

I am a mother to two fantastic children! They keep me pretty busy with their sports and school activities. My daughter is a mini-me! She loves people, is very determined, and sometimes I think she could raise herself without any help from me, and she’s only 13! My son is 11, and he is the complete opposite. He is all BOY and cannot stand to be cooped up inside, ever! He loves any sport that involves a ball and does not understand why he needs to shower and clean his face daily. I love them both to pieces!

 Misty Doyle | Photographer | 940-704-0025