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Happy Seventh Birthday, NACWE!

  Happy seventh birthday to the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs! In honor of this auspicious occasion... 7 Ways NACWE Has Helped Me Grow My Business NACWE has helped me to turn my very expensive hobby/ministry into a profitable entrepreneurship! This organization has introduced me to a sisterhood that I will carry with me for […]

What is an Entrepreneur?

  The common association for entrepreneurs today is the popular show Shark Tank. This is not a bad representation of an entrepreneur. It is quite an accurate depiction of someone who has been in business for themselves for a while. However, if this is our only understanding of what an entrepreneur is and does, it […]

Wellness for Women Entrepreneurs

by Karen Lindwall-Bourg   As women entrepreneurs, we are focused on our calling and our passion. We have taken our God-given vision, and with grace and elbow grease, we are making it work! Performance Pressures Hinder Wellness Let’s be honest, though—there are times when we get frustrated and discouraged. This entrepreneur journey is hard. And […]

How and Why to Use a Swipe File

by Theresa Ceniccola If imitation is a form a flattery, then there are plenty of people I’ve flattered since I started blogging more than five years ago. Like most people, I created my first website and launched a blog with no real training or experience. I was already a professional writer, so I figured I’d […]