Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member of NACWE?

It is easy to join our family; just go to the JOIN HERE page.

2. What benefits will I receive as a member?

As a member, you will receive all of the online goodies for the level you have chosen, a unique package of resources to help get you started and keep moving forward as a Christian Women Entrepreneur.

3. How do I renew my membership?

We have made it easy for you to renew and it is set up to be renewed automatically unless you choose to cancel. We will send you a 3 reminder notices by email: 1) 30 days prior to your annual renewal date; 2) 10 days before your membership ends; and 3) the day before your membership ends. If you choose not to renew, you will lose access that day to your private members area on the website and the private Facebook forum.

4. Can I cancel my membership?

You are a member until your renewal date. Because of all the generous downloads and benefits that come with your membership, there are no refunds should you change your mind after you register. Your membership will expire exactly one (1) year after you first paid for it, at which time, you will be unable to access the member pages and be redirected instead to a page where you can opt to renew membership. At that time, you can decide not to renew your membership–but you will miss out on future benefits and free resources that we will be providing. We always add new and interesting tele-seminars and benefits each year to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

5. How do I sign up for the newsletter?

Members are automatically entitled to receive the NACWE newsletter. For non-members who would like to receive the newsletter, please go to our home page and find the Sign Up link offering the “10 Simple Ways to Use your Expert Knowledge”…  you will receive that for  free when you sign up for the newsletter.

6. What are tele-seminars? How do I join one? What about webinars?

Tele-seminars are inspirational and instructive courses that you participate in from the comfort of your office or home. Teleseminars are open to NACWE members. They are designed to help you begin, develop, and add to your entrepreneurial learning journey. Each class will feature a different Christian female entrepreneur that will share her story and how she has succeeded despite the obstacles and challenges. Each call will begin and end with a prayer!

We also provide more and more training by way of webinar. You will access these through your computer so you can listen to the training and chat in the online chat room.

NACWE Members-only Teleseminars are part of the member benefits for NACWE. Members are given dial-in access to connect with the call. In case a member is not able to join us live, audio downloads of the teleseminar will be available on the site within the members area. Members will be notified via email about new downloads and reminders for new events.

There are times when we also offer FREE TELESEMINAR PREVIEWS where non-members can participate in. Our teleseminar preview offerings are FREE for everyone to attend. We encourage you to bring a friend to these calls and help her join us as a member.

7. Does NACWE have local events that I can attend in person?

At this time, NACWE is training women to be Certified Group Facilitators and host NACWE groups. Get set up on the JOIN US page as a Leader and access the training.   In addition to this, many NACWE members connect with each other locally or when they travel. We have groups that are connecting in states such as Texas, Washington, Florida, Kentucky, and more.

The founder of NACWE Diane Cunningham lives in Texas, but travels throughout the year leading groups, trainings and retreats. She would love to come to your area to present a training and welcome new members.  She is planning to be in various cities and states throughout 2015.

8. Refund Policy.

As members of NACWE, you are eligible for discounts for various products we offer which include books, classes and workshops. We always inform our members of the availability of DISCOUNT CODES to use when purchasing our products. Should you fail to enter and apply the discount codes we provided in our emails after you first purchase the products, we cannot reverse the charges, nor apply the discount after the fact.

NACWE only reverses charges or provides refunds on a case to case basis. If you find that you have purchased a product in error, or have reason to believe that you have purchased a product more than twice, please email us immediately at info@nacwe.org.

9. What is the NACWE Culture?

Read the entire document here on our NACWE Culture Page.

We reserve the right to remove any NACWE members that are not abiding by the culture and guidelines for our organization. These guidelines and behavior standards include foul language, adversarial behavior with other members, and misuse of NACWE informational programs/products. We do not permit members to harass other members, solicit, or share information of other members to outside parties.

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