Hello awesome Entrepreneurs of NACWE!


Welcome to the private inner circle of the members of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs!


Our founder, Diane Cunningham, created NACWE in 2010 because she was looking for a like-minded community of Christian women entrepreneurs like you. I started the Helping Professionals Alliance in 2011 (and renamed it the International Association of Christian Entrepreneurs when I bought NACWE) because I was looking for like-minded community of Christian women entrepreneurs like you! Because I needed a place where I was growing with, not always leading others, I found NACWE in 2012.


We are so blessed to have you as part of our great group!


We are all about:



Time alone can be crucial, restorative, and productive; but if you’re like Diane and if you’re like me the last place you want to feel alone is as you grow your business/ministry! You are not alone anymore! I am not alone anymore!



This has been one of the most impactful forums for me to connect with other Christian women entrepreneurs from all geographic areas, from all walks of life, from all levels of entrepreneurship!



I have struggled to consider myself a “creative” and have been inspired by the limitless creativity of the talented entrepreneurs in this group toward creating, thinking outside the box, going deeper, and reaching new heights within this wonderful forum!



Some of the greatest joys in this group are the many opportunities we have to work together, to collaborate on projects and programs and services because in many cases, we ARE better together!


Here’s an Overview of our upcoming AWESOME Year! [https://youtu.be/uiiy4X1T5WE]


NACWE Benefits:

We Follow a designated theme of the year – our theme for 2018 is IMPLEMENT; and we focus on a new theme/word/tool each month!

We focus on themes/words/tools of the month:

January = The Organized Organization/Implement/Daily Planner

February = Dare to Dream/Realize/Timeline

March = Purposeful Planning/Plan/Vision Board

April = Successful Storytelling Secrets/Ignite/Consultation and Coaching

May = Creative Content/Execute/Website and Social Media Sites

June = Writing Wit and Wisdom/Apply/Pomodoro Technique

July = Powerful Presentations/Instigate/Focus

August = Cultivating Clients/Fulfill/Strength and Evaluations

September = Marketing-in-Minutes/Service/The ONE Thing

October = Conflict Resolution-Mediation/Carry Out/Healing/Restorative Retreats

November = Team Building/Employ/Firm Foundations

December = Celebrations of Business Successes and Holidays/Practice/Pray and Be STILL


All Thursday 9amCST Prayer Calls can be accessed by dialing 1-712-775-8968 / conference code 620259

JOIN US for Tuesday Webinars, Thursday Prayer CALLS, and Daily/Weekly encouragements!

You can find every THEME and LINK you need in the Cover Description (click on the cover) AND in the PINNED POST at the top of the Facebook Page!

ALL Tuesday 2pm CST Webinars are accessed as follows:

- 1st Tuesday = Inspired Business Café CALL - https://zoom.us/j/825743799 Or Telephone: Dial
US: +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 825 743 799

- 2nd and 3rd Tuesday Members ONLY – Going Deeper with Featured Experts in the field -  Refer to MEMBERS ONLY Section

- 4th Tuesday – Back to Basics and Networking Session - https://zoom.us/j/825743799 Or Telephone: Dial
US: +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 825 743 799


We offer encouragements and learning opportunities in a like-minded community of Christian Women Entrepreneurs

DAILY – we pray for you daily and offer the following interactive benefits:
u Interact on the Facebook FAN Page of over 12,000 http://facebook.com/NACWE
u Visit our Website https://nacwe.org
u Use our PLANNER as 1 of 7 Beta-Testers! Ask Karen at nacwe@yahoo.com
u Interact in the NACWE MEMBERS only Facebook Group
u Visit our MEMBER Vault of over 22 classrooms featuring over 500 courses

• Sunday – we share favorite Scriptures
• Monday
o Marketplace Monday – EVERY Monday, under this meme only, share your “why”, your location, your website URL, your (1) social media URL, and a description and link to your (1) service, product, or program!
o Monday Motivation – share a motivating tidbit
• Tuesday – we enjoy educational webinars [See above]
• Wednesday – in the WE-Wednesday forum, YOU teach us and promote your offerings
• Thursday – join us for the Prayer Call
• Friday – Focus on ML-Marketing tips, and read through The 12-Week Year with us!
• Saturday – we focus on self-care

MONTHLY – we choose to share and educate around a theme, a key word, and a focused entrepreneurial tool.

QUARTERLY – every 5th Tuesday, we are planning Special Challenges and Events

ANNUALLY – we are planning a Spring Mission Trip to Guatemala, a Summer LAKE Retreat, a Fall LIVE Conference in TX and Virtual Conferences year-round.


We have over 22 classrooms in our online success Institute filled with over 500 webinars, teleseminars, blogs, worksheets, checklists, e-Books, etc. with loads of information to help you grow your business. To access the vault you will need your personal log-in

Become a NACWE Affiliate and we will pay you to refer people to us: https://nacwe.org/affiliatesignup/

Click here to learn more of NACWE Culture: https://nacwe.org/about/culture/


OUR MISSION is to train, empower, and inspire Christian women as they build their entrepreneurial business.

Our Core Values are: Love. Authenticity. Family. Learning. Positivity. Fun.


We love you every one of you and are here to help you!

Questions? Feedback? Fabulous info we need to know? Shoot us an email at info@nacwe.org anytime!



Karen Lindwall-Bourg, NACWE CEO/President (also at Karen Bourg Companies http://karenbourg.com ) and the NACWE Leadership Team










SOME Necessary DO’s and DON’T’s:



Do not openly promote yourself [UNLESS it is under a designated post such as Marketplace Monday or Friday Focus Forum, or unless you are invited to present a WE-Wednesday course or to speak/teach one of our webinars.]

Do not cold call, solicit, or “chase” other NACWE members to tell them about your business/ministry. [DO connect with other NACWE members if you are interested in their business/ministry.]

Do not engage in any negativity.

Do not share information outside of this group to maintain everyone’s privacy. This group is private and sacred and sometimes contains confidential information, documents and prayer requests. It is used by all members to connect with each other, featured experts, and the leadership.

Do not judge our sisters in Christ, hurt another member in words or deeds by way of harmful gossip, or foster jealousy.

Doing so may result in removal from the group without refund.


DO’s [this is my favorite part!]:

Do promote yourself - your services, programs, products, and special offers under the Marketplace Monday meme and under the Friday Focus Forum meme.

Do promote yourself if you are invited to present a WE-Wednesday course [you can find WE-Wednesday Guidelines in our Files section] or to speak or teach in one of our webinars.

Do connect with other members of NACWE if you were interested in their business/ministry. Reach out to them no more than three times and if you do not get a response, let it go!

Do increase positivity and encouragement within the group - have encouraging conversations, ask questions, engage in daily topics, and keep the education going in addition to being in consistent prayer for your NACWE sisters!

Introduce yourself and engage in conversation, share information, ask questions, find and collaborate with new friends, partners or colleagues.

At NACWE, we follow basic standards for business, integrity, and confidentiality.

NACWE members abide by Biblical principles.

Please review our Privacy Policy https://nacwe.org/privacy/
Copyright © National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (NACWE) (2010-2017)

All Rights Reserved. https://nacwe.org & http://www.facebook.com/NACWE/

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