Your website is your digital image and the front door of your business. It presents your “curb appeal.” It is the first the impression of you and your business. Understanding what you need to make a good impression is imperative when putting together your website.


For we aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord's sight but also in the sight of man.

2 Corinthians 8:21


Even if you aren’t into having a website and your cousin's daughter offered to build your site for free, it is still important. You want to practice excellence in every part of your business because, ultimately, you are working for the Lord!


Elements of an attractive website include –


One of the first things to consider about your website is appearance. Have you ever walked into a Wal-Mart and the aisles are strewn with pallets and pallets of stock? Have you been in your favorite store after a major holiday sale and it just looks messy? First impressions work the same with websites. How things seem to influence the potential for bringing a person deeper into your website. Let’s consider the following aspects of appearance when you (or someone else) is building your website.


  • Color - There is much to be said about color and the mood it evokes. You can discover what color means and how it makes you feel with a simple color search on Google.  Consider the mood you want your visitors to have when they come to your website. Choose colors that blend - they can be contrasting or complimentary colors. (Think of the colors of the NACWE logo. The red and yellow are complimentary. The turquoise is contrasting.) Stick to two of three colors. Be sure your bolder colors don’t distract from the written content - make sure the colors are dark enough to read.


  • Font - There seem to be as many font choices as there are color choices. When choosing your font consider what you would be willing to stare at for an hour. It needs to be readable. Also, consider font size and the age and demographics of your audience. Font size suggestions range from 12pt to 14pt type size for paragraphs, larger for headings.


  • Photography - We are visual. Therefore quality photography is a must. Dimly lit photos are distracting and less professional. There are many completely free website resources for quality photographs like
    • morguefile.com - there is an array of photos here. You will have to do some sorting and editing to choose the best ones.
    • unsplash.com - This website is updated every ten days with new pics. The photos are beautiful. The search feature is decent. You will also have to choose the most appropriate of the best photos.
    • gratisography.com - This site offers more quirky choices. It comes across as a one-person operation. However, that doesn’t compromise the quality of the pictures.
    • Let us know where you go for free photos!


  • Graphics & Video - Video is very popular right now. It doesn’t take the place of written content on a website. However, it is an attractive added value to blog posts, front pages and about pages. People want to know who they are dealing with, especially if your business is online only. However, make watching a video an optional once in a while. Don’t force your visitors to sit through somethingELEMENTS OF AN ATTRACTIVE WEBSITE. Graphics, like infographics, are also popular. However, don’t overuse them and keep them simple. Flashing and moving graphics are old fashion and distracting. Too many pictures, graphics or videos can distract the reader from their purpose.


  • Simplicity - Keep is simple. Don’t overcrowd your pages. Leave white space. Busy and overcrowded pages distract visitors from the content you want them to see. Every single page of your website needs to have a sole purpose, keeping things streamlined in your design and flow of the website. It will also keep your readers focused on what you want them to know.

These few points are the beginning of what you need to know to maintain a professional and appealing website. You want your visitors to come. You want them to stay. You want them to come back again - just like you would a guest in your storefront. Visitors who come and stay invest! Visitors who come back usually bring a friend!

Don’t overlook or neglect your online presence which makes you available, ultimately, to a worldwide market. Keep that website up and running and looking great.

What is one thing you found that works best regarding the appearance of your website?


Lord, help us to focus clearly on the purpose of our businesses and communicate this goal clearly online. May all we do please You! Amen!


Karen Lindwall-Bourg

Karen Lindwall-Bourg

President at NACWE
Karen Lindwall-Bourg is the new President of the National Association of Christian Entrepreneurs.She and the NACWE Operations and Leadership Team work hard to bring you Entertainment, Encouragement, Education & Equipping as we Connect, Create & Collaborate together. Learn more about becoming a member here.

Karen is wife to Fred, Mommy to 6 kids, Nana to "going-on" 9 grandchildren, and treat provider deluxe for a herd of Great Pyrenees who protect their north TX ranch! She is a counselor, coach, author, publisher and more! Learn more about coaching with Karen at KarenBourg.com.
Karen Lindwall-Bourg

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