Athena Dean Holtz: Always Faithful: A Story of Redemption




About Athena


I’m a speaker, author, blogger, radio show host, publisher and pastor’s wife and I help women who’ve been wounded by the church or other traumatic life experiences, so they can learn to trust God again. I am extremely active in the Christian publishing space, having been the pioneer in the independent publishing movement starting back 30 years ago, and now acting as founder/publisher of Redemption Press and president of Northwest Christian Writers here in the Seattle area.

While I didn’t hear the gospel until I was 33 years old, God was calling me from an early age. I tried lots of avenues looking for Him, even though I had no idea what I was searching for. I’d never been to Vacation Bible School or heard Bible stories growing up. I was just trying to fill that empty hole inside my heart that was desperately longing for the love of Jesus. What I did, however, was accept every counterfeit that came along. Boys, drugs, alcohol, success, even the New Age and the cult of Scientology.

Childhood sexual abuse, abortion, domestic violence, workaholism, divorce.

Before Jesus, my life was a train wreck of relationships that were used to my best advantage, to get what I needed and wanted. The wounding in my life propelled me into an existence of being success-driven at all costs, numbing the pain by working hard, making lots of money, and receiving accolades from my peers.


Athena Dean Holtz

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