Misty Doyle: Simple Photography Tips for Business Building



misty1About Misty

I am truly blessed and so thankful that I’m able to do something I absolutely love for a living. My passion is using my camera to capture priceless memories that can last forever. Whether it be your children playing and laughing together or the High School Senior that is so proud of the adult they are becoming, I want personalities to show through my lens! My background includes a 8-year love affair with photography, plus studies in design and also in business. I make it a priority to attend photography workshops, seminars, and events often to allow me to constantly improve my skills as well as offer new products for my business.

I am also co-founder (sounds so official!) of Scrapbook ‘N Such – our family’s business. My mother and I opened the store in 2001, and I worked full-time helping run the store until 2008 when my photography business would no longer allow me to have any other job.

I am a mother to two fantastic children! They keep me pretty busy with their sports and school activities. My daughter is a mini-me! She loves people, is very determined, and sometimes I think she could raise herself without any help from me, and she’s only 13! My son is 11, and he is the complete opposite. He is all BOY and cannot stand to be cooped up inside, ever! He loves any sport that involves a ball and does not understand why he needs to shower and clean his face daily. I love them both to pieces!

 Misty Doyle | Photographer

mistydoyle.com | 940-704-0025

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