Happy 6th Birthday, NACWE!

Here are a few messages from our members wishing NACWE a happy birthday!


—Shelley Hitz

HaPpY BiRtHdAy NACWE! I am new to NACWE as of a couple of months ago. Since then, I have committed to extending my coaching launch to form a community for adoptive parents. This month, Brenda Lee Coaching along with the Community of Parents of Reactive Attachment Disorder & Trauma will launch. I also have taken the plunge into fulfilling a dream of being a published writer. God has prepared me for such a time as this. It is not a coincidence that NACWE came into my life at this precise time. The network of amazing Christian women who truly love the Lord and serve Him by serving others is refreshing. We each come from our own niches, and even the women that have the same or similar callings are not in competition with each other, but instead lift each other up in prayer. We recognize our unique gifts and empower one another.
—Brenda Love


Happy Birthday NACWE! I’m only been a member since December but God brought this group into my life at just the right time. I had no idea when I joined that I the business I was just starting would be hit with a lawsuit a month later. I have no idea what will happen with this lawsuit or if we will even come out of it without losing everything we have. However, the ministry my husband and I have is still growing and God is giving me other ideas for my business and my ministry. I wouldn’t want to be traveling this road without NACWE. The friendships, support, encouragement, and prayers from those of you here have definitely held me up and continue to do so. Thank you to all of you and Diane Cunningham for bringing this amazing group of women together!
—Robin Moulfair EA


Happy Birthday, NACWE! I've only been here a few months but I've been blessed by the sisterhood and thankful for the great success tools that are available.
You really do rock, Diane Cunningham!
—Delaine Allen


—Barb Hollace 

Diane Cunningham celebrating you and the NACWE group in 6 years of standing strong, supporting people toward their goals and celebrating ALL of the success of each member. I pray many more years of exciting times for you and NACWE! May the favor of God be seen in every area. Blessings to you!
—Lisa Shaw


Happy Birthday NACWE! So proud of all you have accomplished Diane Cunningham! You helped me bring my membership group to life and supported me in my first year. I truly appreciate you and all the gifts God has given you. I am also truly grateful for the NACWE women I have met along the way.
—Noelle D'Intino


Happy Birthday NACWE! Thank you Diane for having the vision to give birth to NACWE and to bring together Christian Women Entrepreneurs. NACWE is a place where we can pray together, ask our sisters to pray with us and for us, brainstorm about our ministries, businesses, dreams, share our frustrations and disappointments along with our success. NACWE is a safe place to grow and to land! Can't wait to see where NACWE will be in the next 6 years!!!!
—Diana Journy


Happy Birthday NACWE, I'm so blessed to be apart of such a great sisterhood. Thanks Diane Cunningham for being a great leader with a big vision to serve God's women in a big way, and thanks for carrying and birthing the vision!
—LaWanda Evans


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‪#‎NACWE‬ !!! Thank you Diane for birthing NACWE!!! Words can not express the blessings you produced! You have turned chaotic into calm as NACWE gives direction and clarity. Together we become stronger, all of us in different stages of our businesses. A group of women who put God first as we follow the desires of our hearts to serve others, desires that HE places in our hearts. Thanks to you Diane I am getting back to Gods plan for my life. Keep ROCK'N it SISTER.., we all LOVE YOU!!! heart emoticon
—Charity Gordon

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