A Love Letter to My Business

** Note from Diane:  I wrote this in 2009 (seven years ago!) for Valentine’s Day. I like to revisit it every year around this time, and I think it is relevant enough to be posted again. Enjoy!


Dear Business,

I just wanted to tell you how I feel about you for Valentine's Day. I am passionate about you. I think about you all the time. You bring me joy, you give me courage, and you help me to jump out of bed in the morning.IMG_3618

We have been together a long time now.

Sometimes, it is hard for other people to understand the love we have for each other. It can be overwhelming, even intimidating.

People wonder how we manage . . . how we make it work.

Now, I know we have our challenges. I get cranky with you sometimes. It is hard to see you struggling. I get nervous when you are too busy and we aren't spending enough time together or when our time together isn't quality time. I know I frustrate you when I repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

But the most important thing you need to know is that I am never going to leave you. I am devoted and committed to you. I love you; you are a part of me. Our relationship will change as we grow and learn. We will age, and life will change. We will weather the storms together. I promise you this.

I am committed to you!

In fact, I thank God for you every day. I am blessed by how much He must love me to give me you as a gift. I do not take that for granted.

So, on this day that is all about LOVE, I want you to hear my heart: I love you!  You are my sweet spot, my favorite thing, my heart's desire.

Your beloved,


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Diane Cunningham | Founder of NACWEDiane Cunningham is the Founder and President of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is a “business therapist,” plane crash survivor, author, consultant, speaker, marathon runner, and fun friend.

Find out more about NACWE and why 165 women joined in the first year at www.nacwe.org. Connect with Diane at www.facebook.com/DianeCunningham for fun updates, silly videos, and lively conversation.

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