10 Ways to be a Great Mentor!

1. Be Honest:  Share what you have learned, both good and bad. Your honesty is what they are seeking.

2. Be Genuine:  Your mentee wants to see the authentic you, not a fake.  Don’t feel like you have to know all of the answers.

3. Be a Resource:  Guide your mentee to information (classes, websites, books, and people) that could be of great value.  Don’t assume they know….ask and then connect the dots.

4. Be Timely:  Be a great example of time management.  Be on time to your appointments.  Do what you say you will do.  Set the pace.

5. Be a Lifelong Learner:  Keep current on your field and others.  Be on the lookout for your next opportunity to learn.  Take a new class!

6. Be Inspiring:  Help your mentee become a better person.  Focus on the strengths you see in them.  Encourage and motivate them with your words.

7. Be Willing:  Be willing to go the extra mile, to ask the hard questions, to give the feedback, to make the phone call.  Be willing.

8. Be a Role Model:  Understand that your mentee will become more and more like you…are you setting the example?

9. Be Consistent:  Show them how to be consistent and stay focused for the long haul.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Help them to see it in action.

10. Be Yourself:  Allow your mentee to really see you…the true you!  Most great lessons in life are caught, not taught.  Be you, and keep becoming a better you.



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