NACWE Member Spotlight: Rachel Barrett-Dolcine

Rachel1Rachel Barrett-Dolcine’s middle name is “Joy,” and it’s easy to see why. Her infectious joy and spark for life have made her well-known in NACWE since she joined almost two years ago. She originally joined NACWE with the hopes of creating a network of fellow Christian women entrepreneurs, but she has also found a group of supportive friends as well. Rachel treasures the support of friends and family as she continues her journey as a small business owner.

Rachel’s business, Compass Consulting and Training Solutions, is based in Baltimore, Maryland and provides small business owners and nonprofits with customized, professional, insightful and motivating business services and training. “When it comes to small businesses, I pride myself on the work I do with the business fearful (those who are scared out of their wits about starting their business or growing their business),” Rachel said. She has written over thirty trainings to assist small business owners in achieving their full potential. Rachel remembers one particular client who was stuck in a rut and needed help. “She was scared to step out and start her dream business because she felt she was too old,” Rachel recalled. “She currently sells fashion jewelry, but felt she was called to do so much more.” With Rachel’s help, the client formed a new plan. “She is now planning to start a business that offers one-day makeovers to recent divorcées, women just recovering from a serious illness, women who recently lost weight, or women who are grieving and need a boost. She will incorporate her jewelry business as well. Isn't that grand? The excitement on her face and in her voice made my heart sing!”

Rachel3That excitement that she ignites in others has motivated Rachel to continue growing her business and reaching clients over the past two years. She has found invaluable resources through NACWE that help her stay on track. She especially enjoys the camaraderie in the Facebook group, her one-on-one coaching with Diane, the Christian Women’s Leadership Institute (CWLI), and the conference workshops. “The encouraging, honest, prayerful, open, transparent, and drama-free environment created by this organization has allowed me to open up and share in ways I have never done before,” Rachel said. “It has been refreshing and liberating to open up knowing you will only get love!” Her one-on-one coaching with Diane is entering its second phase, and Rachel couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead. “I am getting ready to start round Two. Round One was dynamite!” Rachel said. “The coaching program has allowed me to see my business in a totally different light. I have been inspired to take risks and launch new products.”

For those not sure about joining NACWE or haven’t been taking full advantage of their memberships, Rachel wants to encourage them to make a change. “The longer you sit on the fence about joining NACWE, the longer you are putting off the using your gifts, talents, and business services to build and grow the Kingdom of God,” Rachel said plainly. “NACWE is not just another social or business group. NACWE serves a higher purpose: to connect women with each other, God, and their businesses. Jump off that fence (watch your fall, though; we don't want any liability insurance claims) and join a network of the most praying, fired-up, Holy-Spirit-driven, feisty, funny (me being the funniest, of course), inspiring, drama-less, mature, and loving set of women you will ever meet. Stop missing out! Join today!”Rachel5

It’s clear that Rachel draws so much satisfaction and fulfillment from running her own business. “The ability to do what I want, when I want, and how I want using the gifts I want to grow something that is mine has been exhilarating beyond belief!” she said. “The biggest frustration for me as an employee is having to conform to little boxes that you are placed in as a result of your job description. Now, I can explore any aspect of my business I see fit.”

As she explores the potential of her business, she does so with her feet firmly planted on the foundation of everything she does as an entrepreneur: her faith. “Two years ago, I sat in my office and dedicated my business fully to God,” Rachel said. “I told Him that I was making Compass His business. I reminded Him that He is not a God who fails, so I know that my business will grow and change the lives of every client that we work with.” Rachel prays about and listens for guidance from God for all of her business decisions. “Well, most of the time,” she admitted. “Sometimes, I get so excited and run ahead without checking in first. Sometimes, it works out. Sometimes, I put my tail between my legs and slowly jog back to the feet of God.” Her “God-First” approach has served her well so far and has helped her stay grounded through the ups and downs of business ownership. “I will read books or go to networking events and conferences and hear information that tickles my ears or gets my blood pumping, but, at the end of the day, if the idea or tools do not line up with the way God has called me to do business as a Christian, I pass. My mom used to say, ‘Others may. You cannot.’”


Rachel and her sister as children in Jamaica.

Rachel’s main vision for her business is centered on her customers and clients, the ones who truly need her guidance and support. “I want my business to be a refuge, a place where those who are frustrated and worn out can come and find options that inspire, rejuvenate, and motivate them to keep going. You know, almost like a water break during a lifelong marathon.”

As an entrepreneur, Rachel has an even larger vision for herself. "When I die, I don't want to leave a memory. I want to leave a legacy,” Rachel said. “Memories fade, but legacies last forever."



Written by Callie Revell

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