NACWE Member Spotlight: Jamie LeNoir

Jamie BeachJamie LeNoir believes the health of the body, mind, and soul are all interconnected. Her business, Active4Him, supports women in their health journeys through encouragement and affirming resources. She offers encouragement through blogs, bible studies, clever images, and fitness tips. “Jesus is the foundation behind the very personal focus of Active4Him,” Jamie said. “I am able to give to His women all He has given to me in the form of love, teaching, affirmation, and acceptance. My faith in Him allows me to step out in ways He calls me to that I would not do without a personal relationship with Jesus. I want to honor Him in all my decisions and, most importantly, in all the business relationships I encounter.”

Jamie Race MedalJamie has been a member of NACWE for over two years. She uses her NACWE membership to the fullest by taking advantage of all the resources offered. “I enjoy the expert webinars and amazing templates,” she said. “These tools have taught me how to be organized and focused.” Jamie has made multiple connections through NACWE that have helped her build her team, including her editor, publisher, and graphic artist. One of her favorite features of NACWE is the support and accountability available in the private Facebook group. “The highlight was my first conference, Blaze the Trail, and now the 90-day program to create my own association, along with personal business coaching,” she added.

Many words come to Jamie’s mind when she thinks about how NACWE has influenced her life over the past two years. “Focus, inspiration, affirmation, fun, prayer,” Jamie said. “Teaching me so much, with so much more to learn. I am able to support and cheer on others, ask questions related to business, and be transparent in asking for prayer in painful life experiences.” She Jamie Rock Bottom Bookhopes to see NACWE grow so others can benefit from the support she’s experienced. “I'd like to see core groups in every state, and I hope the group keeps the personal, interactive connection intact,” Jamie said. For those on the fence about joining NACWE, Jamie has words of encouragement. “Join yesterday!” she exclaimed. “You will love the sincere network connections and exposure to new opportunities to expand your faith and business.”

Trail Run 6.11.13Jamie’s journey as a female entrepreneur has taken her through highs and lows, and the lessons she’s learned so far have been invaluable and life-changing. “I wish I’d known how overwhelming it is—mentally, financially, and relationally!” she said. “But it is also so exciting, stimulating, and freeing to do your thing.” She adds that wise counsel and consistency is vital to growth and learning. Her favorite part of owning her own business is the opportunity for growth. “I love the freedom to give and grow in a way that is sincere,” Jamie said. “I am able to change and grow in my business as I change and grow in my life—this flexibility is inspiring and invigorating.”

As Jamie strives to encourage others, she finds encouragement in Hebrews 12:1: ". . . let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus . . ." She clings to this verse as she continues her journey towards her true calling. “I am so grateful to be in the race,” Jamie said, “and I want to encourage others to endure because of Jesus.”


Written by Callie Revell

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