NACWE Member Spotlight: Joanne Kanute

Oct. 2010 012Joanne Kanute appreciates beauty in the world, especially when that beauty comes from the people around her. Using her skills with fashion and cosmetology, Joanne has founded a unique coaching business that supports the power of healthy self-image. Her business is split into two names: Unlimited Creations and Aging with Distinction. Both support the same ideal: that inner-beauty and outer-beauty can, and should, work together hand-in-hand. "Looking your best strengthens your self-image, a stronger self-image increases your self-esteem, and a greater self-esteem brings greater success, along with healthy aging," Joanne said. Her life philosophy is inspired by and based on biblical principles, specifically the concept of being created by God in His image. “He didn't make any mistake,” Joanne said. “He uniquely designed and formed each one of us. It is our job to maximize His creation!”

Joanne joined NACWE in February of 2015, hoping to find a “push forward” to give her business a much-needed boost. Since joining, she has overcome a key struggle holding her business back. “When I joined NACWE, I was an information junkie! I love to research and learn all that I can about the subject or issue at hand. However, I was stuck at the ‘gaining knowledge’ point. NACWE has helped me learn how to implement my knowledge.” One way she has learned implementation strategies is through helpful NACWE handouts like the Marketing Funnel, the Power Hour Daily Checklist, and the Marketing Schedule. “I am a goal-oriented person, so having the Power Hour Daily Checklist has been helpful by keeping me on task and moving forward with my day,” Joanne said. “Again, being a goal-driven, person the Marketing Schedule is a great planning tool, and it keeps me looking and planning ahead.”Oct. 2010 033

Joanne feels empowered as a female entrepreneur, and she wants to help other NACWE members feel the same way. “In the entrepreneur world, I feel like sometimes a female entrepreneur is viewed as weaker than male entrepreneurs,” Joanne said. “But with all of the support, information, and tools we gain through NACWE as entrepreneurs, we are on the cutting edge!” As Joanne learns to implement her knowledge, she is also learning the importance of sharing knowledge with others and being willing to receive it in return. “As we continue to gain knowledge, it moves us forward, gaining a great deal of satisfaction and career success,” Joanne said. “It's such a great feeling knowing we have impacted and been able to serve and help another person.”

Her advice for other entrepreneurs includes avoiding perfectionism. “Everything is not going to be perfect,” she said assuredly. “It's okay to make mistakes.” She reiterates that knowledge unimplemented is void and useless, like a rusty tool that sits on a shelf too long. She also encourages other entrepreneurs to appreciate the importance of networking. “Every person you meet is a potential client,” Joanne said. “Use your daily opportunities to help others.”

Oct. 2010 080Finally, she urges female entrepreneurs to join NACWE. “NACWE is a wealth of information and support,” she said. “Don't delay, join today; you will never be sorry!” As NACWE expands more and more each year, she sees it continuing to offer the support, encouragement, and knowledge she has grown to appreciate over the past four months.

One of Joanne’s favorite Bible verses as an entrepreneur is Galatians 5:13, which says, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” Her heart for serving others helps her thrive as a coach. Whatever success may come, though, Joanne knows it isn’t truly her business, after all. “Jesus is my boss,” Joanne said. “He is the one I work for! Knowing and holding onto that statement lifts the burdens of entrepreneurship off our shoulders. We just need to surrender and follow his lead. He will always lead us to success!”


Written by Callie Revell

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