The 7 Types of People Successful Kingdom Entrepreneurs Avoid

by Sabine Brandt

Did you know that cucumbers thrive when planted near bush beans but choke when planted near potatoes? Did you also know that carrots and strawberries make good neighbors but don’t get along with onions?*

This knowledge base is referred to as “companion planting,” and it is vital information to any gardener who wants to yield a rich harvest of fruits and vegetables.

You are probably wondering, “What does gardening have to do with my business?”

I recently read a quote by Lance Wallnau that likened his readers’ lives to a garden they have been called to steward. He cautioned that letting the wrong folks into one's garden carries the same potential for disaster as the serpent’s presence in the Garden of Eden.

Just like fruit and vegetables that either thrive or choke when put in the same environment, our business growth can be greatly accelerated or hampered depending on the kind of people with whom we surround ourselves.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of companions you invite to join your entrepreneurial journey that can impact your success, either positively or negatively.

  1.  The Tag-Along – frequently wants to “pick your brain” for free; wants to ride the wave of your success and benefit from your hard work without giving anything in return.
  2. The Moocher – asks you to contribute to building his or her empire in exchange for “exposure” rather than compensation; often funds self-serving projects by selling you opportunities to participate for a fee.
  3. The Know-It-All – constantly makes you feel ill-informed and incompetent; loves to seed doubt about the direction and potential of your business.
  4. The Copy-Cat – never has an original idea and loves to steal yours before you can even utter the word “implementation”.
  5. The Fake – acts happy for your success but is secretly jealous and, quite honestly, would love to see you fail; may possibly even try to sabotage and discredit you behind your back.
  6. The Negative Nelly – seriously lacks optimism and puts down every idea you share; prophesies your failure as inevitable and rarely dares to pursue his or her own dreams.
  7. The Surface Dweller – loves to say, “We should have coffee sometime.” yet never actually comes through; creates the appearance of having real relationships but really only cares about his or her own success.

There you have it: the profiles of the seven most destructive and distracting types of people you may encounter as you go about building your business. Be on the lookout for them and don’t invite them to grab hold of your mind, your schedule, or, for goodness sake, your wallet. And if by chance you discover that one of them has found a way to sneak in, take action immediately!

On the flip side, find and cultivate relationships with people who will share your vision, pray for you, encourage you, be loyal to you, and believe in a mutual exchange of resources and collaboration. God knows who they are. If you haven’t already found them, ask Him to send them your way!

In biblical terms:

  • 1 Corinthians 15:33, “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character."
  • Proverbs 24:6, “Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers.”
  • Ecclesiastes 4:12, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

If you are looking for a true partner in success who will be there for you as you grow your business and support you every step of the way, I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Growth” strategy session with me.



248617_4584383280339_1748792940_nSabine Brandt is president of Nobility Coaching and Consulting, Inc., and a certified business expert with nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and corporate leader. Sabine delights in teaching her clients at how to create small businesses that not only provide financial freedom, but also a deep fulfillment of serving others and contributing to God’s greater plan.  In addition, Sabine serves as an executive coach and consultant to large organizations that wish to improve their operational processes and enhance their leadership capabilities.