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NACWE Member Spotlight: Heidi Kleine

DSC_5855-EditHeidi Kleine knows as well as anyone the struggles women face in a busy and stressful world. After years of feeling overweight, overwhelmed, and over-exerted, Heidi was ready to make a change for the better. She went on to transform her life by improving her physical and emotional wellness. Now, Heidi runs Worth It Woman, her practice as a Certified Professional Success Coach. She uses her coaching practice to encourage women to achieve their dreams through ambitious, realistic goals and strategies. “Worth it Woman empowers women to shine,” Heidi said. Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, Heidi helps women uncover their big dreams and shatter the obstacles and challenges in their way.

Heidi believes an important aspect of her business is using her personal experiences to foster empathy with her clients. “I love using the challenges and experiences of my life to help other women,” Heidi said. She enjoys the flexibility that comes with the life of an entrepreneur, and she balances her time between taking care of herself, her family, and her business. She depends on her faith for the wisdom to accomplish that balance. “Faith plays a huge role in my business,” Heidi said. “The Holy Spirit guides my words and actions and gives me the confidence to address the issues my clients face. Being an entrepreneur and a relational service provider is not an easy thing. It can be emotionally and spiritually draining. My faith keeps me grounded.”

Worth-It-Woman-NormalAnother way she stays grounded is through her involvement with NACWE. Heidi joined NACWE in the fall of 2013 after attending two of Diane’s monthly webinars. “I felt am immediate connection to these sisters in Christ living their callings and supporting one another,” Heidi said. To her, NACWE is a safe place to express her ideas, knowing she will be held accountable and be encouraged in return. She also values the tools NACWE provides each week. “The most important gift for my business has been the connections and resources,” Heidi said. “Diane also ‘blazes the trail’ for us. She lets us in on the backside to see how things are done. She even lets us see the bloopers to help us learn from her mistakes.”

DSC_5862-EditOverall, Heidi knows her business wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of her NACWE sisters. “NACWE has transformed my business and my life,” Heidi said. “It has given me the confidence and tools to truly step into my calling.” She hopes to see NACWE grow even more in the coming years. Since she lives in North Carolina, she would love to put down roots for NACWE in the eastern United States. “I look forward to participating in leadership of a local chapter,” Heidi said. “I’d like to see groups all over the country.”

Her advice for new entrepreneurs comes in three parts. First, she encourages new entrepreneurs to be patient because launching a new business takes time. Second, don’t be intimidated by the initial investment, and don’t expect results without it. Finally, pick and choose your resources. “It is easy to get distracted by too many coaches, ideas, programs,” Heidi said. “Find one or two that really resonate with you, and then tune out the rest.” One additional piece of advice from Heidi: join NACWE! “Make the investment,” she said. “You are worth it! NACWE is worth it. When you do, dive in full force. Take advantage of every opportunity that NACWE offers. Get the most out of your membership.”3D Worth it

As a female entrepreneur, Heidi has overcome many obstacles and faced the unknown head-on. For encouragement, she clings to Joshua 1:9:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

This verse reminds Heidi that she is never alone in her business pursuits, and she never needs to be afraid. “I go back to that verse as a mantra in my head almost every day,” she said.




Written by Callie Revell