The Cost of an Emotionally Full Account: How Much Is It Worth to Your Biz?


Were you one of those “eager-to-get-started-with-your-business” entrepreneurs who began planning for the unknown well ahead of time, preparing the books and materials, getting an office pencil drawer all cleaned out and organized—you know what I mean, right? Most people are good at that part. When it comes to the emotional part, the daily spiritual part, that gets a little bit harder, don’t you think?

There are many business owners out there who are torn as to whether or not they can afford to do different things in business, like hiring a coach or getting certified in a new area. This can be emotionally unsettling. It gets very overwhelming just thinking about it. But, if we take little steps now spiritually to prepare for the future, often it is not as hard as we think it will be.

If Ben, age 19, invested $2,000 into a fund that yielded compound interest at 8% for eight years until he is 30 years old, he would get to retire at age 65 with what would now be worth over 2 MILLION dollars! Ben only spent $2,000 8 times, and then the interest carried him the rest of the way. Those were some very important little steps he made! Boy, if all of us at 19 knew the power of investing, can you imagine how much less worrying we would have to endure in the future? Can you imagine that same kind of scenario if we involved God in our business from the get-go, if we invested in Him? He is like our interest carrier!

Like Ben’s initial $2,000, the little changes can add up to great transformations—actually, millions in his case! So, if we make a small, positive shift in our behavior with our emotional and spiritual planning, it, too, is likely to create a ripple effect of change through our business lives. If we were to try and make some small changes now—let’s say for example, praying for God to show you how to spend your money—what kind of result do you think that would leave? Would you feel worth a million bucks knowing that you are loved, cared for, and a successful businesses owner?PaulaQuote1

Let’s work on some things that can be done spiritually. Ask yourself this: what can I do to make my business a better one? What can God do if I allow Him to decide? What small steps can I take now that will have the most impact on the future? Will it be changing my routine to pray before I start work? Would it be allowing God to intervene through the day guiding my choices? Would it be asking Him to be in charge of the money? What kind of things can I do now that will have the most impact later?

I believe, with God’s help, investing emotionally in your business is what will get you there: taking the time to talk to Him and letting Him know how appreciative you are. Wouldn’t you feel like a million bucks if you had all of your emotional needs met in business?

Lastly, think about the cost of doing nothing. What kind of a situation could you end up having with your business if you do not invest that time and energy into God? Will it be worth millions then? I know mine would not—and, as a matter of fact, I would probably have gone out of business by now!

0359fbbPaula Tobey is a Healthy Living Coach for Parents, Speaker and Founder of PheMOMenal Life. Paula works with moms who are looking to put balance back into their hectic lives. Her inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle came as a mission from God and she is living proof it can be done one baby step at a time focusing on the five areas of health.  She is a former special ed teacher, mother of two great girls, and a water and nature lover. Find out more about Paula at and

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