Creating a CALM Life as an Entrepreneur


Is it really possible to live a stress-free and calm life full of peace? Lots of women entrepreneurs out there would tell you, “NO!” I believe a little differently, though, and it has to do with this great gift called salvation. You see, Christian women have an added bonus, which comes absolutely free and in no way costs us money! There are very few things out there for business owners that really are FREE, but this is. It’s the gift God gave to us to use not only in life, but also in our businesses. He gave us the gift of peace.

If we can remember to be calm, then we can gain peace when we are under attack, because God is by our sides. If you are facing deadlines, family matters, or obligations at church, I am sure you have felt overwhelmed. There is nothing that can bring a greater sense of peace, however, than our Father. He truly does heal our hurts, but only when we allow him!

So, how can you learn to be CALM when under pressure?

C is for Creating Peace by Praying. When we take the time to talk to the Father in prayer throughout the day, we are inviting Him in to create a space in our hearts for peace. This peace and tranquility cannot be replicated by any other force. Genuine peace is a space. . .it is a sense of joy unlike any other. It is an unconditional love that only Christ can put there. When we take the time to cultivate that time with Him, we receive the peace we are looking for.

A is for Allowing Authentic Success. Since the Lord knows all things, isn’t it fair to say He knows the desires of your heart? He knows what you long for and want. He hears your cries for comfort and for heartache to end. He knows. But do you know that He is powerless unless you involve him in the process? If you are not going to Him in prayer and petition for His will, it is very likely you won’t hear what it is you are looking for! Don’t spend time telling Him what you want; spend time asking Him to show you what He wants for you.

L is for Letting it Go. We need to learn to let go of perfectionism. It is one of the enemy’s most powerful tools. He knows how we women like to have things all pretty—tied up nice and neat with a bow on top. He uses what he can to get us off course like energy zappers, time wasters, and things to worry over. It only overwhelms us if we get caught in his trap! If we recognize it for what it is, we can easily move away. Using resources such as prayer is one of the best defenses against him! Call in some prayer warriors to join with you!

M is for Moving Ahead in Goal Setting. Since the Father already knows where you want to go and you have prayed for His will, goal setting will help you get there! There is such a wonderful feeling when you accomplish goals. Goal setting (and accomplishing) is, in my opinion, one of the best stress relievers out there. Once you do it, the stress is gone! The act of planning out a goal takes pressure off by breaking it down into workable steps. When you have the power to move ahead by setting goals and you combine that with practices of faith, you become unstoppable! Go ahead; move mountains!

Now that you have the CALM method in place, don’t you feel better? Let me know if I can help you find more peace or joy in your life. It all starts with a simple choice. I pray you choose to be calm.

0359fbbPaula Tobey is the Founder of PheMOMenal Life and is a Healthy Living Coach and Speaker. She resides in Kingwood, Texas with her husband Seth of 19 years and their two daughters, Katelyn and Hannah. When Paula is not busy with clients or volunteering at church, you can find her outside or near water. Find out more about Paula at

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