Featured Member: Elizabeth DeArmond

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Who are you? Where are you from? I am Elizabeth DeArmond and I live in Arlington, TX. I own ScrappySlim Fitness, www.ScrappySlim.com.

When and why was your business started? 2006 and again in 2007 and again in 2011 and again in 2012

What do you love about being a female entrepreneur?   I really enjoy setting my own hours, meeting seriously successful  female entrepreneurs. 

Why did you start your business? My J.O.B. was sucking the life out of me

How did you launch your business and/or dream?  There was no plan. It was totally accidental, which is why it has been restarted 4 times. I have a vision and a purpose NOW that was hidden (from me, by me) back then.

What are the biggest challenges you have overcome as a female entrepreneur? Making my business my BUSINESS and not my hobby. Then getting my family to understand "work at home" doesn't mean "mom to do stuff for us".

What is your BIG DREAM for your business – what do you hope will happen?   Young Living has several ranks (as do most corporations). I see myself as a Crown Diamond, with a seriously large monthly income from all of my business activities and a seriously large amount of money in addition to my "pay the bills/ be debt free" portion to help charities of my choice on a monthly basis- making a difference in the lives of a seriously large amount of folks in the community.My dream business has regular, full-price paying clients for Raindrop Technique who come to MY location and weekly classes that are full of students who are excited to learn about Young Living Essential Oils.

How do you incorporate your faith into your business? Faith plays a part as I am thinking before I make a business decision. Faith plays a part as I evaluate how my actions will affect others. Faith plays a part as I am  having a business meeting with God before the day begins. This last step is a work in progress.

What are you favorite biblical parallels and verses that encourage you? Why?   Initially when I completed this form, my favorite verse was Jonah. Yes, the entire book. The more I read, the more I realized that this was me. Resistant, thinking I could do things my own way, thinking that no one would "find out" or that my resistance to God's plans wouldn't affect other folks.  I discovered that my way of thinking is/was totally skewed. Thankfully, as Jonah discovered also, God gives a second chance. Many times, more than that! I get a DAILY chance and for that, I am truly grateful. I think I'll stick with this answer. It still applies.

What one woman epitomizes (for you) a picture of Christian Entrepreneurial Leadership? The Proverbs 31 woman. Most women view her as being "too perfect" but I think her methods show that she is the kind of woman we want to do business with. She is focused and takes action. She has balance and I would say a good handle on what God wants her to do in her day. She has the support of her family and she in turn, supports them. I feel much better knowing that yes, I CAN be her. 🙂

How do you promote/market your business? I LOVE Networking events! Meeting new folks just makes my day! I also have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (although I haven't done much pinning), and LinkedIn. I also enjoy events that support my fellow female entrepreneurs.

What is the biggest risk that you have taken in your business? Has it paid off?  Staying in business. Yes, I'll say it has because it's a growth exercise, I am growing and slow and steady wins the race….except when it's time to "Act Fast Now". 🙂

What risk do you need to take now? Visibility. I need to be out there in places that I might not be comfortable with like radio/video/ events/ other folks' events.

What  3 tips would you share with a friend setting out on her own entrepreneurial adventure?  1)Do what you love, not what someone else thinks you "should" do.   2)Each day will bring it's own business / family challenge. Do what feels right.   3)Sometimes we need to step back and see our business from another's perspective. Hang around folks that support you and will give you honest feedback and ask the hard questions.

What resources and books would you recommend—the ones which have best helped you? I want to be the kind of person that others want to do business with. This causes me to read books on how I can be better, how my thinking may need to change, how my words may need to change. Currently I'm reading "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. Some of my other favorites are "Dear Female Entrepreneur, my friend"  and " Inspired Women Succeed" by Diane Cunningham.  I am also a huge fan of books written by John Bingham- "The Penquin". He began running when he was 45, overweight, smoker, you name it. He inspires me to keep after my dreams and that there's never a "too late". Things may look differently as days pass but I can keep reaching.

What do you have coming up? Events? Book Signings? I have classes at Knowledge for Success' Education Center. The class that just passed was about Staying healthy all winter long using the Young Living Essential Oils Golden Touch 1 Collection. Upcoming classes are October 9 - Helping Students concentrate and Oct 16- Raindrop Technique: What is it, why do I need one?

Tell us about your family and support group: My daughter Jessica is my biggest supporter. She encourages me to do whatever I'm led to do, and not let the dream squashers get in the way. My next biggest fan is my best friend (since age 6).

Who were/are your mentors? I don't know that I've had a mentor per se.  I haven't allowed much mentoring, always thinking I can do things by myself. I have had folks along my journey who have helped me stay in the path or steer me back when I was off picking weeds somewhere.


Power Chick,mom,wife,teacher,gourmet cook,Young Living Essential Oils addict and teacher of same. That's what my Twitter profile says. I would add runner, zoo owner (we have 4 dogs and 6 cats that reside in our space). I love technologyand the advances it has made since I started programming in the 80's. The idea that I can carry my computer in my HAND still amazes me. I have two dry erase boards in my house that say "Something GREAT WILL happen today" and both have tally marks that get erased every day. I never have less than 15 marks on these boards. Neither one contains marks for the same "GREAT THING".



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