Featured Member: Barbara Wilber

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Who are you? Where are you from? I am Barbara Wilber of Sacramento, CA. I am the Co-founder of the BAM Project, http://theBAMprojectonline.com, and a Christian Businesswomen's Coach, http://coachingcollaborativeonline.com.

When and why was your business started? I started my business in 2007 because I felt that itch to create a business and I wanted to find a way to combine my business with my calling - although that was scary - and I took criticism for it.

What do you love about being a female entrepreneur? I love the freedom I have to not only have the kind of schedule that I want, but the freedom to create my work.

How did you launch your business and/or dream? I had NO plan. I was blissfully ignorant of the need for a plan - I just ran out and hung my shingle.

What is your mission statement? To inspire and encourage FREEDOM in the lives Christian Businesswomen. How do you stay inspired? I lose my inspiration on a regular basis - and everytime I do, I press in to the heart of God toward me. HE is the source of inspiration so I remain dependant on him for that. He helps me faithfully execute my business activities in spite of feeling inspired.

What are the biggest challenges you have overcome as a female entrepreneur? Right now it would be finding a new horizon to stretch toward. I have come such a long way - when I started I had to overcome my own internal image of myself and the limitations that came with that image. I can say now that the old image is gone - it is possible that I am just ready to shed the one I have now - or maybe this one needs to grow and develop further.

What is your BIG DREAM for your business – what do you hope will happen? Is used to want it to make me financially comfortable and bring me recognition. God has helped me see that both of those things are the definition of "wood, hay and stubble." My dream is to see what God wants to accomplish with the work I am doing in the kingdom. For now, he has instructed me to faithfully execute my business activities and to make a profit.

How do you incorporate your faith into your business? I don't. I incorporate my business into my faith.

What are you favorite biblical parallels and verses that encourage you? Why? Joshua 1:8 is one of my favorites. It promises prosperity as a result of intimacy with God. It also tells me to BE STRONT and COURAGEOUS. I clearly see in that command that we are not to wait for the feelings of strength and courage which tells me I AM ABLE to do this. A biblical character that I have always related to is Gideon - when the Angel of God found him he was hiding in a winepress - he was a fearful person - and God said, Oh might man of valor." Love that.

What one woman epitomizes (for you) a picture of Christian Entrepreneurial Leadership? I've thought about this a lot - I can't think of one. I'm not sure I've SEEN a woman in this light - a leading christian entrepreneur. She may exist, I just don't know about her. I see lots of famous christian business guru types - but as yet, none of them have garnered my admiration. I have a faint image of her in my imagination - I am hoping that God is going to form me into that woman one day.

How do you promote/market your business? Facebook / word of mouth

What is the biggest risk that you have taken in your business? Has it paid off? Calling myself a coach. I struggled with owning that title - it took me quite awhile to say it out loud. I felt like a fraud at first - but God really helped me find the truth about that one day in a coffee shop. I was forever changed.

What risk do you need to take now? I believe I need to take the same risk I've always taken, over and over again. New level, new devil.

What tips would you share with a friend setting out on her own entrepreneurial adventure? 1.Ask God for a Vision for your business 2.Find your niche early 3. Lay a clear foundation for developing your BRAND IDENTITY What resources and books would you recommend—the ones which have best helped you? The Bible ,"The Referral of a Lifetime" by Ken Blanchard , The 5 Easy Pages Marketing System

What do you have coming up? Events? Book Signings? Unstoppable Conference and monthly coaching in The Coaching Collaborative Tell us about your family and your support group? Personally I’m single with two amazing dogs and a cat. My family all lives nearby and we're very close. As far as my business support group that would be my brother and some amazing colleagues and friends that I have met through my business networking. Lately my biggest chearleaders and support have come through my MasterMind group (see --- one reason I recommend coaching, either one-on-one and group).

Who were/are your mentors? Kerri Kenyon

What else would you like to share with us? Free membership in The Coaching Collaborative


[graybox]Barbara Wilber is a Christ Centered Coach for Christian Businesswomen. She helps women have victory over the lies, shame and fear that keep them from business success. She is also the co-founder of The BAM Project, a business entrichment organization for Christian Businesswomen. She loves taking karate, jujhitsu and watching british tv series on netflix.[/graybox]

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