Are You Ready To Receive In Your Business?

Guest Post by Kate Powers

“Kate, what are you talking about? Of course I am ready to receive!”

Let me challenge you on this a bit.

  • Does receiving a large sum of money make you uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel “icky” asking for payment from customers?
  • Do you feel a tinge of guilt getting paid for simply doing what you love to do?

All of these are invisible roadblocks on your business success journey. Learning to receive is a major stepping stone on the personal journey every business owner must traverse.

Feeling uncomfortable, icky, or guilty are negative emotions attached to the act of receiving. Your brain doesn't like you to feel this way. Your brain will avoid feeling these negative “side effects” by eliminating the "problem" of receiving! The human brain is more sophisticated than any computer or technology out there. It has to be since it was a human brain (or lots of brains working together) that created the technology in the first place.

Learning to receive is a multi-faceted process. There is no “one size fits all” answer, but some of the underlying roadblocks can be lack of confidence, not feeling worthy, or struggling to get paid for doing what you were designed to do. These are just a few of the invisible roadblocks which I help women business owners identify and break through to grow more successful businesses.

What’s a business owner to do?

First do some internal digging.
- How do you truly feel about money in your business?
- How do you feel when you balance your checkbook?
- What emotions come up when it’s time to invest in yourself/business?
- How do you feel when it’s time to discuss payment for your services?

Write your answers down; you will want to refer back to this from time to time to see how far you’ve grown.

Next, spend some time realizing where this belief came from. Often we are told things in our youth that we carry into our adult lives and business. Usually we internalize these opinions as truth.

Once you understand where your limiting beliefs came from, you can start to shift your internal beliefs, which will allow you to change them to more prosperous self-beliefs.

Finally, you will change your actions! This is when you can see all your efforts come together. Won’t it be wonderful when there is no “icky” feeling associated with getting paid in your business? Your language will change from hemming and hawing to confidently stating your prices, knowing you are asking a fair price for a high quality service/product.

I encourage you to travel this journey. Don’t want to go it alone? I’m here to walk alongside you. Just email me at with I’m Ready in the subject line and we’ll get started right away!

Kate Powers is a published author, speaker, consultant and coach. Kate has been helping women in business achieve greater success while achieving live balance for over 10 years.

Visit Kate at

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  1. Joyce Harrell
    Joyce Harrell says:

    I think it’s just awesome how God is speaking to His children on receiving, flow, belief systems which hold us back, and moving forward! Lived this!

  2. Eva Popek
    Eva Popek says:

    thank you so much for this reminder Kate. I am working through some of my thoughts when it comes to receiving. I have read books on the advice of my husband which has helped me understand why I may believe what I believe when it comes to money. I have “medicine ” for finance in our JesusRx line that I better take. 🙂 . thanks.. To be honest, I wasn’t ready to receive as I started business, I am getting there.

  3. Dina at
    Dina at says:

    Okay, I have to ask. WHY would anyone feel guilty about being paid for their talent and service?! If they do, I really hope they stop it, right now! I’m happy to say that this emotion is totally foreign to me. It’s a very practical issue: time is money. When you give someone your time, you are entitled to be paid money. HOORAY FOR MONEY!!!

  4. Kate Powers
    Kate Powers says:

    Yes Dina, it may seem foreign but many women bring self worth issues into their business which affects their abilty to feel good about being paid for their talent. Many are taught to give their gift away for free through service in ministry etc so to move from the mindset of “give it all away” to “get paid” can be a tough transition.

    Yes I agree…HOORAY for getting PAID!

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