NACWE Conference in April–isn't it time?

Heather Hall shares her excitement about the upcoming NACWE Conference.

Do you ever crave the company of smart, talented, driven, creative, enthusiastic, and Godly women?

As women, I think we all hunger for Godly sisters. Something deep within longs to have those genuine friends, the ones who gather around us in uncertain times.  A sister friend is someone you want to call right away when you have good or bad news. She will celebrate with you when you are victorious and comfort you when you need it most. She can listen, be non-judgmental, caring, supportive, successful, confident, strong and most certainly able to emote when necessary.

1 Corinthians is all about parts of the body working together, and how differently we are all gifted. “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.” Just as this is true in our personal lives, it also true professionally.

For me, I treasure the time I get with my Godly friends. They believe in me. They love me. They encourage me. They make me laugh. What a gift they are to my life. I look forward to women’s retreats, conferences and events for that very reason. If you have not attended one, you are missing out.

A few years ago while at a women's event, I was struck with the ‘gift’ of compassion for someone that was grieving the loss of a baby. I cried so much for her, and when I thought I was done, I would cry some more. Although this was a strange feeling-not being able to just turn it off, I knew that it was blessing her heart to have her heavy burden of loss shared. Sometimes we just need to be available for God to use in someone’s life.

Are you overdue for some girlie time? Are you ready to be encouraged, motivated & lifted up?

Perhaps God is calling you to the conference, not for what you need, but for what you can offer.

There is something genuinely unique and inspiring about an assortment of women, all beautiful, with unique backgrounds, gathering together to connect, network, and grow in business, but most importantly to worship the Lord and give Him the praise for all that He has done for us. There is a contagious energy that spreads like a wild fire when women are gathered together.

Decide today to attend the NACWE conference at the end of April! Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity to make new friends, meet a mentor, connect with motivational business leaders, and gather intellectual insights and much more.


Heather Hall is a Client Relations Specialist. She creates profitable marketing solutions for small business owners, and enjoys the client interaction. Heather’s experience in marketing, event planning, and customer service in the financial, medical and dental fields makes her a creative and knowledgeable resource. In her spare time, Heather enjoys traveling with her family, gardening, reading, shopping and she is an active member of her church. She has been happily married to Terry since 1994 & has three beautiful daughters.


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