Welcome to the NACWE Sisterhood!

Are you ready to connect & collaborate with like-minded women who can support you as you build your business? Great! We can’t wait to meet you!

Do you prefer a warm & friendly group setting that encourages discussions of God’s impact on your life and allows for informative exchange of marketing concepts and strategies? Of course and now you can.

Are you seeking friendships with women who “get” you and your business? Perfect. We are here for you!



Reason #1:  Connection  

Join us as a member to get the connections you crave from the comfort of your own home. We have women that bake cookies, women who lead large non-profits, women who write books, women in direct sales, women who train hunting dogs, women who have ministries and all things in between.

Reason #2:  Creation  

Sometimes you just need help with that idea rolling around in your head.  We are your gals. Get feedback.  Get unstuck.  Create your program, your product, your new business in a supportive environment.

Reason #3:  Collaboration  

Work with your sisters in Christ on a book.  Co-host an event. Meet in person or virtually. Support each other in business and in life with the power of collaborative ventures.

Reason #4:   Continuing Education  

Learn as you go with our Online Success Modules.  We have 5 years worth of training for you to expand your business knowledge one step at a time on webinars and group coaching calls.

Reason #5:  Calling  

Be with women who know that your business is NOT a JOB, it is a calling.  It is your mission.  We understand.  We get it and we get YOU.

Reason #6:   Conversation  

Join us for your coffee break in our online forum for a quick chat, pep talk, or prayer.  We are there.  We can’t wait to meet you and have a meaningful conversation with you (from around the world).

Reason #7  Culture  

Our association culture is built on a foundation of Christ, values, scripture and truth.  We live it.  We are NOT perfect.  We love to have FUN.  We accept you as you are.  We embrace and cheer for you as you build your business, through the success and the failure.

Reason #8:  Credibility  

It shows that you are serious when you are connected to groups and willing to invest in yourself and your personal training.  We have a proven record of credibility and off you our logo to place on your website to show your affiliation.  (We will pay you for sending us your referrals too!)

Reason #9:   Checklists and Curriculum  

We know you love checklists so we have them for you in the Online Success Institute and as bonus gifts.   We also have our monthly training modules to help you dive in with the trainings you need first.

Reason #10:   Christ-Loving Sisters  

We love God.  We know that grace is the only way.  We understand that owning a business tests you on every level.   We love you and this is a safe place to step into the calling that God has for you!


National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (NACWE) was established on the 11th of May, 2010 by Diane Cunningham.  She was seeking women who thought like her, whom she could bounce ideas off of, and could hold her accountable for moving forward.  She could not find what she was looking for and like so many entrepreneurs; she made it happen by creating an association herself. From there, NACWE was born out of the passion to connect women who are ready to create, collaborate and contribute to changing the world.

We gather together with an ultimate desire to unite under the common goal of helping one another succeed and thrive in business, and are blessed by the joy we share through our faith in Jesus Christ. Through the blending of people and ideas, we are able to offer support through online content, tele-courses, individual and group coaching sessions, and retreats for the soul.

Say YES to sisterhood!

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The National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (NACWE)

invite you to join our family as a Member!

Sabine Brandt, www.nobilitycoaching.com

Our members are from all walks of life:

Jewelry Makers * Authors * Retail Shop Owners
Coaches * Direct Sales Consultants * Social Media Managers
Graphic Designers * Dog Trainers * Caterers
Speakers * Franchise Owners * Virtual Assistants
And so much more!


I am a Christian Woman Entrepreneur and was searching for renewed strength and wind beneath my wings when I found Diane and NACWE. It took me a month (slow learner, I guess) to see what Diane was leading me toward as my Business Coach. Once the light bulb went on I hit the floor running and have not stopped! I am finally allowing myself to trust my God-given instincts, to dream bigger dreams, and to step out of my comfort-zone into the most fascinating places. I would not have taken RHEMA Counseling Associates on this exciting journey without her expertise and consistent guidance!
— Karen Lindwall-BOURG, MA, LPC, CT, RHEMA Counseling Associates



I had some time this evening to listen to some of the recordings on the member site and I was delighted to find so much “pitch-free” and inspirational content. While listening I got a major download from God about something I had been praying about for a while. So excited!!! Will share more soon. Diane Cunningham, kudos to you for putting together such a great community…I’m lovin’ it :-)  — Sabine Brandt


Membership is open to women entrepreneurs and small business owners who have the itching desire to launch their entrepreneurial venture in the presence of a sisterhood filled with accountability, love, prayer and success.

We serve those who want to bypass the learning curves and instantly see results from impactful marketing success tools. And gain intimate access to other like-minded women without spinning their wheels tirelessly.  

This Ferris Bueller when he came up with the idea to put the car in reverse thinking he was making progress.  He was literally spinning his wheels.  You don’t want to do that!!



Perk #1 Inspired Business Cafe 

Christian Women Entrepreneur Expert Chat and Business Series

Diane teaches the Inspired Business Cafe the first Tuesday of every month which is a monthly dose of infused energy, fun and critical training.  This is a FUN, fast, efficient, and focused networking hour using her signature Café Template.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us on the phone in the virtual café. Build relationships, share ideas, create joint ventures, and much more! ($300 value)

Here is a sample of the Core Curriculum:

  • List Building Techniques
  • Product Creation
  • Coaching Skills
  • Team Building
  • How to Land Speaking Engagements
  • Paradigm Shifts to get you into SUCCESS
  • Video Creation Tips & Tricks
  • How to Host Successful Events
  • Social Media Success Tips
  • Blogging Strategy
  • Company Culture
  • Networking
  • Getting the Most out of Your Time
  • Partnering and Joining Forces for Joint Ventures

There are a total of 12 topics in all – Yes, we cover a business topic every month.


Perk #2 Online Success Institute

With your membership, you get immediate access to our success vault of training with industry experts which includes webinars, handouts, transcripts, audio and templates.

Here is a list of the dynamic experts and training topics available to you right away….

  • Success Mindset
  • Time Management for Entrepreneurs
  • Product Creation and Launch
  • Video
  • Events
  • Speaking
  • List Building
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Company Culture
  • Networking

Some of our experts have been:

  • Carrie Wilkerson, The BareFoot Executive
  • Jennifer Thomas, Founder of Piggies and Paws
  • Kelly Thorne Gore, Founder of iBloom
  • Cindy Rushton
  • Ann Vertel
  • Dr. Daisy Sutherland
  • And many moreAnd many more…

In our Archives, we have:

  • 38 Expert Chat audios
  • 21 Q and A call audios
  • 6 Webinars
  • 3 Special Downloads
  • And 52 transcripts ready to print


You will receive the following handouts and templates to download right away with your membership: 

  • Using Video in Your Marketing
  • Blog Scheduler Template for Members
  • The Marketing Circle Template
  • Social Media Mad Dash Template
  • Product Lines and Income Report Template
  • 90 Days Goals and Planning Template
  • Marketing Schedule Template
  • The Reality Check
  • Self-Sabotage Template

WOW! That is a ton of information, right? We want nothing more than for you to take the reins on your business and take action.

You got this and we are here to push you right along.

NACWE is a wonderful place for women who are constantly aspiring for improvement. I was so excited to download the marketing templates for my business. They were simple yet profound documents that allowed me to tangibly plan my marketing for 2014. My marketing intern and I are ready to go with solid blogs, facebook posts, coupons for clients, and videos for the coming year. Instead of staring at a blank page everyday, NACWE’s marketing tips allowed me to plan ahead and enjoy social media instead of burning me out.  Thank you, Diane, for taking the time to give us invaluable tools for our business!

Jessica Daley, Founder and Director, Xcelerate Business Solutions, Inc.
“We manage your finances; You run your business!”


Perk #3 Private Exclusive INNER CIRCLE Facebook Group

You will have access to our experts as well as fellow members of NACWE.  Our Facebook group will give you the opportunity to connect, collaborate, encourage, support and hold one another accountable.

Many of our members take their meetings live and meet in person locally, or while travelling, after connecting in the forum.

You might want to become a Certified NACWE Group Facilitator and lead a group in your local area too.  Find out more about our Leadership Institute here!

Perk #4 Entrepreneur Success Faculty Interviews 

Diane loves playing the active role as the connector.  You will meet the experts she has connected with over the years to show you everything from Pinterest to Podcasts to Product Creation.

Every single month she will feature a special guest expert for a business development tele-class or webinar that is only available to members.

Some of our talented experts that we have on our faculty so far include:


And more!

An hour of your time with an expert. Priceless.

Perk #5  Instant Download NACWE Success Starter Kit

Print off this Starter Kit instantly and start laying the groundwork for a strong successful journey. 

Success Starter Kit Includes:

  • 7 days of video emails from the founder
  • Who, What and Where is your business?
  • How do you build your business?
  • Inspired Women Success Process
  • 3 Success Ingredients
  • “Be B.R.A.V.E.” System
  • Goals and Vision Casting
  • What Now? The ABC’s of NACWE
  • The Reality Check
  • SWOT Analysis
  • One Page Marketing Plan


Perk #6 25% Discount

As a NACWE Member, you will receive a 25% discount on all of our books and other programs/products.   Receive the Video Vault, the 90 Days to Marketing Success DVD set, and more.

** This DOES include the annual conference and private coaching with Diane too! It is OK to do the happy dance here.


Perk #7 Logo for credibility

You will have access to the NACWE member logo to show the world that you are serious about your career as an entrepreneur.  You will have permissions to proudly display the NACWE logo on your website and in your marketing materials.


Perk #8 Access Diane’s Secret Success Rolo-dex

Sneak into Diane’s office and print an elite list of venders, tools, and connections that will help you along your entrepreneurial path just like they did for Diane.

They are geared up to serve women of NACWE with open arms and some even offer a NACWE members discount!


Perk #9 Diane’s Book Club List

Find out what books Diane is reading and what she recommends to her inner circle clients. Book list will be updated and revised quarterly.


Perk #10  Weekly Word of the Week Prayer and Discussion led by NACWE Leader Sally Adamcik

Join Sally and the other members each week as we discuss a WORD such as Believe, Trust, Bold, Faith and see how it is written about in the Bible and how it relates to us as Christian Women Business Owners.



I just want to say thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord and providing a place where women can celebrate together, the gifts we’ve been given. As Christian entrepreneurs and sisters in Christ, we are able to support one another through conversation and share with transparency, all that we’ve learned on our journey. Since joining NACWE, I’ve gained confidence, knowledge and encouragement through your program. Thanks again for all you do!– Benita Ibrahim, from Texas, Beautiful Colors Daycare



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For Self-Coaching Programs or Products go to the NACWE Store

For Private Coaching with Diane Cunningham or her Mastermind Groups, go to www.DianeCunningham.com


cheryl-groves“A friend told me that NACWE was just want I needed. He was RIGHT! The resources available to me via NACWE are perfect – I have especially enjoyed the blogs & video clips.”

–Dr. Cheryl Groves
Education & Workforce Specialist, Future Life Coach


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