Diane Cunningham, M.Ed. is the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs®, a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate. NACWE offers training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. NACWE was launched in May 2010 and has been building andexpanding since that time with members throughout the United States and Canada. She created NACWE in May of 2010 as a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate through monthly online training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. This community and sisterhood is the premier place to learn marketing and mindset in a faith foundation, and it has members throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

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Joanne Ronda Kanute

CEO Unlimited Creations
Work 7614 E. Fair Meadows Loop Tucson AZ 85756 United States Work Phone: 520-405-4587


Joanne R Kanute is a Certified Master Image Consultant, Board Certified Master Certified Life Coach, Fashion Merchandising Certificate, Fitness and Nutrition Certificate, Nutritional Consultant Certificate,  a licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Senior Advisor; “My goal is to not only make you look great but make you feel great about yourself. Our business is about you!” Looking your best strengthens your self-image, a stronger self-image increases your self-esteem, and a greater self-esteem brings greater success.  If you are happy with your image, you will respect yourself more and earn the respect you deserve from others. Each person has their own individual beauty, looking good on the outside is what makes people want to look inside to see what you are all about!

Joanne has been married for 38 years, a mother of two grown children, a grandmother and a six time successful business owner. Life is about adventure, we must accomplish all we can while we can along with maintaining a good feeling about ourselves! The Bible says the greatest gift is to serve others; I want to continue to perfect my gift of serving others.

Strengthen your self-esteem with God’s truth about you! God created you in His image …. learn how to maximize that creation…….

Joanne is a speaker, coach, facilitator, cosmetologist and entrepreneur, her key niche is “The Power of a Healthy Image”. She is a facilitator for National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs through Christian Women’s Leadership Institute for the state of Arizona, along with being a facilitator of First Place 4 Health. Member of: American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Coaching Alliance, ICCA (International Christian Coaching Association), National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), Professional Beauty Association, Society Certified Senior Advisor.

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