Diane Cunningham, M.Ed. is the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs®, a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate. NACWE offers training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. NACWE was launched in May 2010 and has been building andexpanding since that time with members throughout the United States and Canada. She created NACWE in May of 2010 as a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate through monthly online training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. This community and sisterhood is the premier place to learn marketing and mindset in a faith foundation, and it has members throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

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Carrie Jeffries

CEO & Business Rescue Strategist Bold & Sassy Enterprises
Home Nashville TN Cell Phone: 704-918-7376 Website: http://www.boldandsassysolutions.com


I loved business even as a kid selling door to door, creating my own products to sell, trying new things constantly.  I was drawn to the edgy, creative and persuasive communication of marketing, sales and business building.  I voraciously studied and implemented the skills and teachings of master marketers, serial entrepreneurs and creative business leaders.

In true ADD form, I worked with a diversity of industries including multimedia, personal services, advertising, recruiting, health & wellness, beauty & fashion, banking and education. Yep, tons of jobs and exploration of what I really wanted to do when I grow up.  And, I refused to keep a job or continue to do things that I dread or even, yes, hated.  And, yes it was super fun doing so many diverse things! Over the years of dealing with the corporate world and all the challenges and frustrations, it became crystal clear I was born to be an entrepreneur, not a corporate slave.  I most love serving others through my unquenchable passion and fiery boldness.  My bold, outspoken, unapologetic style helps drive results for my clients through, collaboration, partnerships, mentorship and forging strong relationships.  I have a real heart for infusing new life into struggling businesses.

My unwavering passion is helping struggling women entrepreneurs who are utterly exhausted and ready to give up.  I help save their businesses and their dreams.  We collaborate to create personalized solutions that increase visibility, attract only their ideal customer, remain relevant in today’s volatile market, make exponentially more profit and fall back in love with their business, clients and mission.