Diane Cunningham, M.Ed. is the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs®, a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate. NACWE offers training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. NACWE was launched in May 2010 and has been building andexpanding since that time with members throughout the United States and Canada. She created NACWE in May of 2010 as a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate through monthly online training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. This community and sisterhood is the premier place to learn marketing and mindset in a faith foundation, and it has members throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

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Barbara J. Hollace

Owner, Author, Editor, Speaker Hollace Writing Services
Home P.O. Box 2071 Spokane WA 99210 United States Work Phone: 3477093348 Website: Barbara Hollace Author.Editor.Speaker


Barbara Hollace J.D. is an author, editor, writing coach, and speaker. Stepping away from her status as a licensed attorney, Barbara chose another path to follow, a path that involved serving those who had experienced their own life challenges. As an editor and writing coach, her passion is to make you the best that you can be. She wants to be invisible so that your voice is powerful and your message is clear. As a writer, Barbara wants her stories to encourage and inspire you, whether fiction or non-fiction. As a speaker, her life experiences have given her wisdom and many stories to share about navigating life. Her motto, “Identify the good and magnify it!” resonates in her words, her work, and her stories. Contact her and see how she can help identify your strengths and magnify them!