A Duckling and a Lion

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Eleven days before the 2014 NACWE Catch on Fire Conference, I received a message on Facebook from my sister-in-law, Sara. She works at the American Embassy in Canberra, Australia and had flown in the previous weekend for a visit. Her message followed up on a brief conversation we had about her friend Diane’s conference coming […]

Five Whispers Every Mom Should Hear

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Have you ever sat down with a friend over coffee and poured your heart out about something that’s been troubling you? And somehow (let’s call it divine inspiration), she comes up with the perfect statement to put you at ease. She finds those magic words you need to hear to make you feel better and […]

How to Improve Practically Anything in Five Minutes a Day

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Looking for a magic pill? The secret sauce? The quick fix to your greatest challenge? You won’t find that here. But I do want to offer a powerful suggestion on how you can make positive changes in any area of your life in as little as five minutes a day. This is a strategy I’ve […]

Work-at-Home Mom’s Summer Survival Guide

I admit it. I enjoyed the last couple of weeks in my quiet office. While the kids were in school, I roamed the house with a cup of tea and a laptop in search of a change of scenery for creative inspiration. I chatted with clients while folding laundry and enjoyed hours of uninterrupted silence […]

Inspiring Messages from the Grandfather I Barely Knew


As Father’s Day arrives I am reflecting on the inspiration from the fathers in my life.  My father who was in sales and eventually an entrepreneur that owned his own successful custom homes company in Plano, Texas. My maternal grandfather who was a successful sales executive at LaCrosse Footwear.  My paternal grandfather who was a […]

Financial Fitness Tips for the Mom Entrepreneur

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One of the greatest gifts of being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to flex your financial muscles. It’s also one of the greatest challenges for me personally. In fact, many entrepreneurs make the decision to start their own business because they have a certain skill or talent – or an idea for a product. They […]

Are You Walking Your Talk?

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Simply observing people can be quite revealing.  You have probably formed an opinion on a person, based on what you saw.  Likewise, you never know when someone might be zeroing in on you and watching your personal presence and professionalism. A person’s experience of you can be a deciding factor in whether or not they […]

Listen to Your Intuition…Please

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Your intuition is the best business building tool you have; please use it. Your intuition is that gut feeling; or those little nudges or inklings you sense within you.  Listen to it, it is telling you something.  Ignoring those inklings can be a BIG mistake.  Paying attention to them however, will steer you in the […]

Procrastination: Three Tips to Help you Move Past It

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So you sit down and start to work.  You have to write your newsletter.  You’ve got to write two promotional e-mails.  You need re-work your calendar for the week.  You have a few clients to reach out to and some follow up with current clients. You’ve even got it neatly organized on a to-do list.  […]

How to Finish Your Book and Get Published if You Have No Time or Money


So what’s your excuse for not getting your book done? Is it not having enough time? Money? A general fear people won’t like it? It’s time to defeat each one of these issues stopping you from finishing your book! I Don’t Have Enough Time! Making time to write can be a challenge. For some, focusing […]