Fear of Commitment: Are You “All In” When It Comes to Your Business?

commitment street sign

  Recently, my teenage daughter climbed behind the steering wheel of my truck for the very first time. After the initial heart-stopping excitement of white-knuckling the door handle and nearly putting a hole in the floorboard via my imaginary brake had worn off, we started focusing on the finer nuances of the driving experience. There […]

Does God Expect Perfection?


  God loves you when you hurt someone else. God loves you when you disobey Him. God loves you when you judge others. God loves you when your business fails. God loves you when you let a friend down. God loves you even if your house is dirty. God loves you, even if you didn’t […]

What You Want: How Your Desires Reveal Your Purpose


Today, I want to share with you my PASSION! God created us in this time and in this place for a REASON—to impact His Kingdom. We know from Genesis that He placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to WORK, so our WORK is as important to God as every other aspect of our lives. […]

The Dedication Stone: The Second of Four Business Cornerstones for Helping Professionals


…therefore thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I am the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion, a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation: ‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’  Isaiah 28:16 A cornerstone, in ancient building practices, was the first and principal stone placed at the […]

Is a Boss Automatically a Leader?


  Have you ever had a rotten boss? I mean the kind that just should not be leading? The kind who maybe gets your name wrong every time, or the kind of boss who hides behind an office door. I had one just like that. He was the principal of an elementary school, but you […]

How to Stop Giving Away Your Time and Working for Free


  A friend of mine recently spent an entire day volunteering her services as a retail consultant for a small shop owner who couldn’t afford to pay her. She sorted inventory, rearranged displays, and even helped with pricing strategies. As I sat listening to her talk about the job, I wondered why we agree to […]

8 Ways to Relieve Stress as an Entrepreneur

stressed baby

  Here I am just hours away from a writing deadline. I have a million things to do, and, I confess, I just remembered that my blog on leadership is due. I forgot to put it on my calendar, and one thing I’ve learned is that if it’s not on my calendar, I won’t remember […]

Are You Too Nice to Your Employees?  


  There’s an old clichéd saying: familiarity breeds contempt. I was reminded of this the other day while interacting with a new designer I had hired for one of my books. We were in a virtual argument across emails over a design decision I had made that she didn’t want to accept. I live by […]

Why You Should Plan for Failure


  I was at a school conference last week, and my son was impressing the teachers with his color-coded, neatly organized binder. (Let me preface by saying the words “neatly organized” are not often used when describing anything related to my wonderful son!) We congratulated him on taking the initiative and responsibility to get off […]

Don’t Judge Cinderella


  [This article was originally published by Elayna Fernandez on August 18, 2014.] I once read a quote stated by Al Pacino for his character in a movie called City Hall (which I have not seen, because I do not watch R-rated movies), and this quote explains very well what I mean by “don’t judge Cinderella”: […]