7 Sanity Savers for Organizing Your Life as a Work-at-Home Entrepreneur


  Do you feel like you are in a constant state of chaos? You can’t have anyone over to your house without first cleaning, which could take you hours. You then realize that you don’t really have a routine for work life similar to your home life. Then, you start to think about all of […]

Lazy vs. Busy


  This morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. and helped my two kids fix breakfast, lunch, and, for one, an after-school snack. Then, I drove them to their separate schools and returned home at 8:15 a.m. to start my own daily routine. As I walked by the TV on my way to shower, the […]

Are You Wearing Someone Else’s Armor?


  This summer, I was responsible for an intergenerational Sunday school class looking at classic Bible stories. The idea was to take the classic stories we remember from our childhood Vacation Bible School days and look at them from different perspectives. My favorite was the class I taught on David and Goliath. You know the […]

Brain Power: Three Steps to Control Your Brain and Envision Success


Did you know that you have two brains? No, not your right and your left. Nice try, though. When you have information come into your brain, it is channeled to one of two areas: the Thinking Brain or the Reactive Brain, which I refer to as “Autopilot.” Here is the disappointing part: the thinking brain—the […]

7 Tips to Create Vision and Forward Momentum


  Everyone has his or her own unique style of leadership. Personality, training, and emotional wellbeing are a few elements that impact a leader’s way of interacting with others and the decisions they make in their businesses, homes, or ministries. However, one element needed by all leaders who desire their businesses or influence to grow […]

7 Business Lessons from the Football Field for Mompreneurs [Movie Review: When the Game Stands Tall]

TGC photo

  I rarely have an opportunity for a date night with my oldest son, but when I offered him and a friend tickets to a preview screening of a football movie, I instantly became the greatest mom on the planet! Andrew and I saw When the Game Stands Tall with our friends Cindy and Nick, […]

The Cost of an Emotionally Full Account: How Much Is It Worth to Your Biz?


  Were you one of those “eager-to-get-started-with-your-business” entrepreneurs who began planning for the unknown well ahead of time, preparing the books and materials, getting an office pencil drawer all cleaned out and organized—you know what I mean, right? Most people are good at that part. When it comes to the emotional part, the daily spiritual […]

Extreme Clarity


I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for three years. I don’t have much to show for it except an external hard drive (actually three, and I need a fourth one!) full of all kinds of awesome course material and free information. My Kindle is overflowing with business books. I entered a time of information overload […]

Leading Through Peace


I think most can agree that we live in a world of not only increased technology, but increased stress, too. Peace is often a bliss that escapes us, rather than a constant inward reality. Nevertheless, whether we are business leaders, ministry leaders, or parents, our peace level is critical to our leadership and influence. Inner […]

Focus On Your Journey


  I am an entrepreneur at heart. My journey as a writer and speaker started four years ago. However, this is the year I feel I am finally taking off. The past four years have been my boot camp. I took classes, joined groups, and watched more webinars than I can count. I’m still striving […]