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Today I am thinking about loss, grief and the “people, places and things” we have to let go of in this lifetime.  At this moment, I have a friend in the midst of delivering her precious stillborn baby girl Hannah.   I cannot fathom what she is feeling.  I am praying for her and her husband […]

3 Life Lessons From Surviving a Plane Crash 3 Years Ago

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3 years ago I survived a plane crash.  This is my story~~~ I learned 3 valuable lessons from that experience. On March 23rd 2011, I survived a plane crash. It was 11 seconds of falling, sliding, screeching of metal across asphalt and then landing nose down into the dirt in a Cessna 172. The plane […]

Lessons In Leadership Day #5 of 40: Trust


Today is a good day.  It is Friday and the end of the month, which as a “nerdy calendar type of gal” makes me happy.  February has been a wild journey for me as we hosted the Catch on Fire Leadership conference at the start of the month.  I think I have finally come back […]

A Duckling and a Lion

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Eleven days before the 2014 NACWE Catch on Fire Conference, I received a message on Facebook from my sister-in-law, Sara. She works at the American Embassy in Canberra, Australia and had flown in the previous weekend for a visit. Her message followed up on a brief conversation we had about her friend Diane’s conference coming […]

Lessons in Leadership Day #1 of 40: Surrender


Today I start on a new journey through the 40 day devotional called Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson.  The first time I did this 40 days was in May and June of 2013.  I had no idea that the final result of the process would end in me hitting rock bottom and admitting that […]

The Truth About The Holiday Funk


The Funk creeps up on you and then settles in.  I fight it every year.  Actually let me get totally honest and say I fight it a few times a year.  I get the holiday funk and a pre-birthday funk in the summer. Let me start by saying…I am a happy person.  I am very […]

Top 10 Reasons to Become a NACWE Member Today

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3,633 Downloads and a Team of Women Helped me to Birth my Book Baby!

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I birthed a book last week….The Inspired Business Toolkit. 3,363 people downloaded my book during the 3 days FREE on Kindle. We got as low as #127 on overall KINDLE free books and made it to #1 in 2 categories: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #127 in overall free books in the Kindle Store #1 in […]

Diane’s Video Blogs for July: Video #2


Come and follow along this month as I share a video message each day with you about business, life, running, entrepreneurship and more! (you just never know what I might talk about on these things…..go look up the carrot video I did a few years ago) Join me for the Inspired Business Cafe call tomorrow […]

Diane’s Video Blogs for July: Video #1


We are excited to be studying video this month here at the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs and in honor of that, I have decided to record a video each day for you during the month of July. So here is video #1 on July 1st.   Diane Cunningham is the Founder and President […]