3 Steps to Owning Your Inner “BRAVE


  Being brave is a daily choice. It is about conquering your fear and walking into the unknown. What exactly does being brave mean? Brave: (adjective) ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage The truth is that often being BRAVE hurts. Choosing the BRAVE response is scary.  It makes you want to […]

21 Days of Being Brave- Day #1 January 11th 2015


I am crazy.  I know this and I am willing to accept it and admit. Because of the “CRAZY” I was bold enough to start this website and the association almost 5 years ago.  I was willing to step out in faith and share my rock bottom story in a book and on YouTube.   […]

The Gift of Grace, Entrepreneurship and a Messy Creative Christmas 


  This is the season for gifts, and the frenzy is in full force to purchase, decorate, dress up, and run hither and thither as the days get closer and closer to Christmas. I am doing Christmas in my own way. I am making creative gifts that are very low-cost and high in the “love […]

Speak Your Truth in Business: Using Speaking to Reach Your Ideal Client (Part Two of Two)


  [NOTE: This article is the second half of a post on speaking. To read part one, click here.] Knowing where to speak is the first big step. There are opportunities everywhere you look; you just have to learn how to recognize them. There are two main types of speaking opportunities: live events and one-on-one […]

Waiting Out the Storm: A Lesson in Prayer and Patience


In the storm, the wind rages around me. I cling to His grace. I come face-to-face with my addictive personality and my controlling nature. I see loud and clear my need to fix things and offer the right answer. In this moment, I am powerless. That is always where God needs me to be. . […]

Stingy Love: The Dirty Secret of Jealousy


  Stingy Love. Authentic feelings. Integrity. This past week, I felt a feeling that makes me uncomfortable. It was the ping of jealously. Then, I felt guilty for feeling it. Then, I felt mad. Then, I felt resentful. I was jealous of another woman’s success. There. . .I said it out loud. True confessions. I […]

Speak Your Truth in Business: Using Speaking to Reach Your Ideal Client (Part One of Two)


  Speaking is about communication, the sharing of information. Even more than that, it’s about the relaying of your testimony, sharing your passion and your heart. My speaking experience dates back to my college years. In undergrad, I earned a Communications Degree. I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Counseling. After that, a […]

10 Simple Ways to Use Your Expert Knowledge


Yes. You are an expert, and you need to recognize that. We get caught up in looking at the areas we need to improve and don’t see what is right in front of us. This is the “grass is always greener” concept and, for us as entrepreneurs, it is also the “shiny object” syndrome.” I […]

Running for My Life


Fast. I like to take things fast—find the quick way, get things done, get there early. My highest strength on the StrengthsFinder 2.0 is the ACTIVATOR strength. Often, my clients hire me for this strength and gift. Lately, I feel like I have been running fast. We just finished our book launch for the book […]

Peeling Off the Layers of My Fear

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  I am afraid. You might not see it, but it is very real to me. I deal with it well, because I am used to it as an entrepreneur. I have learned to manage it and walk through it daily. I walk through it with my business. The chaos swirls around me, and I […]