The National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs loves to welcome members from Canada also.  We have a growing group of Canadian women who have become members and love to be connected to the United States and each other, to support their business ventures.


Meet a few of our Canadian NACWE members here and see what they
have to say: 


silvia-pencakBeing an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. Especially if not too many women around you have businesses. Or if you are new to your area (or country) and don’t know anyone who can support you or share your joy, sorrow, or faith.

Everything above describes me. I’m a Christian, woman, an entrepreneur and immigrant. I joined NACWE in 2010 without fully understanding its importance for my business and life. I liked the idea of networking with other Christian entrepreneurs, but what I got out of it was way bigger than I ever expected. Power of connection, support and understanding pushes you forward, prayers hold you strong during tough times. Seeing God using other women who are willing to listen to His voice and step outside of their comfort zone is priceless. It encourages you to be the person you are meant to be. A person of influence.

I want to personally invite you, fellow Canadian Christian woman entrepreneur, to join NACWE. You have a calling in your life, a gift to share. NACWE will help you connect with other Christian entrepreneurs out there who not only understand you and your passion, but can also support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Silvia Pencak from Ontario, Canada
The Brand Strategist and The Strategic Business Mentor


NACWE has provided me with a beautiful system of support through prayer, networking, skill development, and coaching.  It is such a blessing to know that there are other Christian Business Women out there praying for me and my business and working together to build one another.  We are so much better together!

Naomi Hartung, from Alberta, Canada
Tupperware Legacy Executive Director, Power of One


As an entrepreneur I was working hard at growing my business and networking to meet people.  I did not know a lot of Christian women business owners and I began looking for my own “tribe” that I could connect with .  I stumbled across NACWE through Google and I hesitated about joining for a while.  Yet, I kept sensing God’s nudges and recently became a member in the Fall of 2011.  Through NACWE I have met some amazing women.  The support and collective wisdom has been wonderful.  Even my husband said joining NACWE was one of the best business investments I’ve made.  I love NACWE, and I love Diane Cunningham, especially for her transparency and authenticity.  I am so grateful that God introduced me to these remarkable women.  Thank you Diane for this fantastic opportunity!

Doreen Penner, from Manitoba, Canada
Coach for Women Solo-Professionals


I came across NACWE by accident (well not really – I know it was an answer to prayer!)  I have been an entrepreneur for a number of years and have found it difficult to find advice, support, guidance and business tips from a Christian perspective.   I had been praying about this and was surfing the web one day and came across an online Christian- focused Talkshoe conference that anyone could participate in.  I had no idea what it was about but decided to attend.  Here was Diane talking about NACWE – this Christian-focused on-line business organization that was there to help Christian women gain insight and encouragement in running their own business.  I joined up almost immediately and have found an incredible amount of support and direction. 

I am encouraging Canadian Christian women to join NACWE and be a part of the NACWE Canada branch because I myself find it encouraging to gain support from other Canadian women in business.  Canada is a vast country and it can seem a bit “lonely” as an entrepreneur at times. 

Although I totally love and appreciate my American sisters in the Lord, I also desire to get better acquainted with Canadian Christian women across this big country.  It gives a sense of belongingness. I love being a Canadian and believe God has so much for this country.  I feel that any God-centered support that can help Christian business women to grow more influential in this county can only be a benefit.  That is why I encourage you to join NACWE. 

Karen Wells, from British Columbia, Canada
Karis Counseling Services





Tips for Running a Business in Canada:


  1. Be sure to know both the Federal and Provincial guidelines… do not assume it is exactly the same in each province. 
  2. If you move to a different province you must re-register in the new province and close the business in the previous province… you cannot just transfer your business over.
  3. When you do a business name search be sure to check for the name in the WHOLE country.  It costs a bit more but you never know for certain that you will not move someday and discover that business name is already taken in the new province you will be moving to.  If that happened then you could not keep the present business name.
  4. Incorporating your business can save you a huge amount of taxes.
  5. Do not hesitate to call and talk directly to government representatives for small business owners.  You can waste hours of your time trying to understand the small details.  I have usually found the representatives to be very helpful.
  6. Personal note:  I find Credit Unions have some better options for small business owners instead of the big banks.  Plus they seem to have less expensive service charges.

Karen Wells is the owner of Karis Counselling Services, a company devoted to helping women regain the power that they’ve lost because of a past traumatic experience. She seeks to help women be empowered so that they can fulfill their God-given dreams.  Learn more at   You can also learn about her books at and   Karen also hosts her own blogtalk radio show at