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Diane Cunningham

About the Founder

Diane Cunningham, M.Ed. is the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, as well as a consultant, author, video guru, artist, plane crash survivor, marathon runner and former masters level therapist. She has been called a “creative machine” and a “pied piper of people”.

She created NACWE in May of 2010 as a global association for women to connect, create, and collaborate through monthly online training, conferences, networking, and business strategies. This community and sisterhood is the premier place to learn marketing and mindset in a faith foundation and has members throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Under Diane’s leadership, NACWE grew from 0 to 165 members in the first year and hosted the 1st Annual Conference, the Inspired Women’s Event with 45 women in attendance.

She has a Masters Degree in Education (Guidance and Counseling) from Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington and a Bachelors Degree from the same school in Interpersonal Communications. She is also a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach. She worked for many years in a hospital Employee Assistance Program as well as with domestic violence and addictions.

She is an avid volunteer and is active in her church, local community events, and non-profit organizations that fit with her life mission. She was named as one of the Top 2o Leaders under the Age of 40 in Wichita Falls, Texas in January 2011 and chosen as the Inspirational Women of the Month for April for Inspirational Woman Magazine.

Diane is an author

  • The Inspired Business Toolkit coming out in Summer of 2013
  • Dear Female Entrepreneur, My Friend
  • Inspired Women Succeed, co-author with Jo Ann Fore www.inspiredwomensucceed.com

She currently lives in Grapevine, Texas with her cat Zander who loves to keep her busy as she works in her home office by wanting to outside and then back inside. Over and over again.

She admits that she drinks too much coffee, tends to eat Mexican food too often, and is not brilliant at domestic goddess duties.

She loves people, shopping, reading, and spending time with friends.

She has run 4 marathons with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program.

She goes to zumba classes.

She is passionate about God and is basking in the amazing journey that He has her on!

Diane is an author of “Dear Female Entrepreneur, My Friend” and co-author of Inspired Women Succeed just released in May 2011. www.inspiredwomensucceed.com

Diane’s mission is this: “My mission is to inspire women to dream big, catch on fire, and change the world.”

Diane is available for coaching, consulting, speaking, and retreats.

Please contact NACWE with your request or see her other website for more information.

Email her at diane@dianecunningham.com



About our Prayer Team

Rhoda 3 245x300 About NACWE

Rhoda Baty

Rhoda is our devotional/prayer leader. She posts a devotional each day from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Rhoda, along with Lanora Gartman Read started our NACWE Prayer Group where you can leave a prayer request. Every Tuesday those who want to can pray at 10am CST and 8pm CST. We also have a prayer call once a month. I asked Rhoda to take this position after God nudged me in her direction. Rhoda is a “connector” and a “relator” according to the Strengths Finder Assessment, so you can see how this fits her perfectly!

Rhoda Baty is a Life Coach with “Hopeful Heart Coaching”, and works as a secretary at an alternative high school. Rhoda lives in Snohomish, WA, about 30 miles north of Seattle, with her pastor husband of 40 ‘never a dull moment’ years, two daughter’s/son’s in law and her 7 grandchildren. Rhoda volunteers in her community with the juvenile justice system, at her daughter’s ‘agritainment’ farm called Bob’s Corn and at her other daughters business “Lew’s BBQ. Rhoda loves to play with her grandchildren, have family dinners, hike with friends and listen to those who need an ear.

She has been working with women for over 30 years as a pastor’s wife changing her focus to coaching in 2006. Rhoda’s passion is to help women know God better so they can love Him more. To grasp the concept that there is nothing you can do to make God love you more and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less, He loves you PERIOD! Rhoda started email devotional groups called ‘Annabelle’s Legacy’ after the loss of one of her grandchildren. They have been such a blessings to all those involved and especially to her as she sees what God can do when we give Him our hurts. www.facebook.com/rhodabaty1


lanora read About NACWE

Lanora Read

Lanora Read, RN, BSN is an independent certified health coach with Take Shape for Life and provides coaching with her company called StickToIt. With Sticktoit, she has a passion for helping people lose weight safely, and create health in their lives. As an RN she was a home health nurse and her last nurse job was the Wellness Director for an assisted living center. In 2009, she met another nurse who had lost 70 lbs. on this program and was helping other people get healthy. She lost 50 lbs. on the program in a few short months and began a new and exciting career helping people get healthy and regain their health. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances is the goal for everyone who chooses to create, instead of react to disease!

Lanora lives in Port Neches, Texas, just a stone’s throw from the Louisiana border with her husband Ron. They have a blended family of 5 sons and their wives, 10 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 1 spoiled rotten male Yorkie! She leads a sittercise class at the assisted living center where she worked, volunteers in the church nursery and Hope Women’s Resource Center. She is active in BNI, Int’l, Port Neches Chamber of Commerce, Faith Community Nursing, and her local church. She loves reading, networking, singing, Zumba and playing with her grandchildren!





AllisonHiggins1 About NACWE

Allison Higgins

About Our Book Club Director

Allison Higgins is a motivator, encourager and lover of life. She is an Author, Speaker and Master Achievement Coach with extensive corporate world leadership experience as well as experience building part time businesses on the side. Allison founded SuccessBookCase (www.SuccessBookCase.com) to share her passion for personal growth and business success books. She recently launched the ‘Your Big Success’ coaching workshop to help others reach their big goals and she founded the Women’s Achievement Institute to provide a place for women to learn, grow and prosper as they work towards their big goals in life. Allison invites you to connect with her at www.Facebook.com/AllisonDHiggins.




Doreen headshot Draft 2 About NACWE

Doreen Penner

About our Writing Group Leader

Doreen Penner is a professional counsellor, life coach, and motivational speaker. After spending yearstrying to find her true calling, she embarked on her own journey of self-discovery and learnedshe really loves to help people succeed. Doreen left the counselling profession to follow her
dreams of helping people connect their purpose to their possibilities. She took the lessons she learned in trying to figure it all out, and now helps others see their true value, and get clear direction in their life.

Her passion is to help women discover who they really are; see their value, and really OWN their gifts, so they can do what they’ve been truly called to do. She teaches heart-centered solo-professionals how to get the clarity they need grow a profitable business they love. She
provides a step-by-step system to help her clients do the right things and in the right order.

Doreen is an inspirational and passionate speaker. She combines her personal experiences,and her understanding of people, and shows audiences how they can live a life of soul-filledabundance. She speaks with enthusiasm and sincerity; and delivers practical, easy-to-apply information. Doreen speaks on personal growth, motivational, and mindset topics.

Doreen holds a Masters Degree from Providence Theological Seminary. She teachescounselling courses at various local colleges. She is a member of PACCC (ProfessionalAssociation of Canadian Christian Counsellors), and an active member of Toastmasters.

Doreen resides in Steinbach, Manitoba with her husband and two children.

alison gillespie About NACWE

Alison Gillaspie

About our NACWE Blog Editor

Alison Gillaspie is a minister’s wife, mother of two boys, lover of pizza and diet coke, marketer for small businesses and avid writer. Alison stumbled into the marketing world ten years ago and has been working in various environments ever since. She was a marketing director for the YMCA before she and her family returned back to her home state of Kentucky for a new ministry position. After returning home, she soon discovered finding the optimal marketing position that fit both her passion and her family was not going to be easy to find, so she started her own business.

After working on various jobs here and there, Alison officially began Deep Rooted Marketing in 2011 and is building her business daily. Her ultimate goal for her business is to help small businesses and non-profits have quality, effective marketing at an affordable price.

In addition to marketing, Alison is passionate about devotional writing and changing the hearts of women through the power of God’s word. She loves to dig deep and see where it leads through the written word. She will be beginning her devotional site and outreach for women within the next year.

You can reach Alison at her website at www.deeprootedmarketing.com!

Robin web res About NACWE

Robin Hardy

About our NACWE Client Concierge

Robin Hardy is an On-Line Business Manager and speaker. Robin lives in York, South Carolina with her husband Greg and three furry children; Charley Brown a Chocolate Lab, Lucie Ball a Siberian Husky and Ashley a rambunctious Golden Retriever. Robin is a native Californian that has been transplanted to the South loving every moment of the Southern Hospitality.

Robin loves encouraging women of God and building them up. She is currently working on her new book “Where’s My Rose Garden: A Journey of a godly woman.” Robin is looking to turn it into a women’s bible study and begin speaking on this topic to encourage and edify the women of God. She believes there is nothing better than a woman on fire for the Lord!

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